In his book Far Journeys, Robert A. Monroe describes four different types of humans and why they choose to incarnate here on Earth.


1) First Timers:

We begin with what Robert A. Monroe calls the “first timers” or beings from other dimensional realities that desire to experience this particular time matrix where humanity is stationed.

In the cornucopia of experiences that are possible within Source, the human manifestation and planet Earth offers quite distinct learning opportunities. Take for example the experience of an emotion; even though this might seem as something normal to us it is not something innate for all the other intelligent and conscious races that reside beyond the first 3 dimensions.

Neither is the concept of a family, work or other things and events that are so common in the human experience. The first timers come from higher dimensions and different races to grow, evolve and learn from events and states of being that were not available in the frequency bands where they used to be stationed.

2) Unfulfilled Experiencers:

Once the first timer has experienced life on Earth as a human, he or she is very likely to wish to re-experience the human state from a different state of awareness or being.

For example if the first timer incarnated on Earth as a male, he might wish to incarnate as a female during his/her next incarnation to gain knowledge and wisdom from the polar opposite gender point of view.

The same can go for someone who incarnated as being poor might desire to incarnate as someone affluent and with great material power. This is where the unaccomplished wants and unfulfilled desires being to drive the decision making process of when, how, where and under what circumstances he or she will incarnate.

Under this category we can also have people who incarnate to make amends, learn from past mistakes and transcend the karmic imprints that were created during the past incarnations.

3) Emotional Addicts:

Next we have the type of human that has incarnated multiple times and in that process they have become addicted to human emotions like hatred, pity, pain or redemption for example. The emotions and the drama they produce can become as addictive as heroin.

Often the addictions can be of physical nature like having sex, drinking alcohol or smoking just to name a few. These emotional and physical attachments plus the unaccomplished wants and karmic imprints that were created during their previous incarnation bind them to life here on Earth, and prevent them from ascending to higher dimensions.

By the time this stage of incarnation has been achieved the being has lost almost if not all the awareness of who he/she really was prior to his first human experience.

4) Soul Purpose Driven:

The fourth type of human is the one who has already experienced all previous stages, is now ready to complete the incarnation process and ascend back to higher dimensional frequency bands or straight back to Source.

These beings often have a soul’s purpose or a planetary mission that they have chosen to fulfill. It is quite common for these missions to be characterized by assisting and contributing in some way or another to humanity’s evolution and ascension process.

Such a grand mission to assist fellow humans is possible due to the massive amount of knowledge and wisdom that was gained during the previous incarnations. In order to ascend straight back to Source to the state of At-ONE-ment all karmic imprints must be transmuted.


Soul Purpose Driven humans can be divided into three additional categories:

1) Unaware of their Soul Purpose

Here the person has an unmistakable feeling that they have a mission to fulfill but s/he doesn’t know exactly what that mission entails. The inability to know their Soul Purpose can cause feelings of extreme sadness, anxiety and/or emptiness.

2) Soul Purpose Awareness 

Here the person is aware of their Soul’s Purpose, however they are not actively fulfilling it.

Usually energetic blockages like auric attachments, karmic imprints, shadow self archetypes, cords of attachment and the emotional pain body keep the person stuck in a low frequency fence where they feel to attract the people, places, times, things and events that will lead them to the fulfillment of their Soul’s Purpose.

Individuals in this category must clear their karmic slate and activate their DNA in order to begin the process of embodying their Higher Self. Once they begin to embody the first 3 levels of their Soul Matrix, their Soul Purpose will be revealed.

3) Soul Purpose Fulfillment

The ultimate stage for a Soul Purpose Driven human is when they know what their Soul Purpose is, how to fulfill it and they are actively fulfilling their mission. Most likely this person has done extensive and intensive inner work in order to heal, grow and embody their Higher Self. The can consciously design their reality and have advanced manifestation abilities to materialize what is required for the fulfillment of their mission.



If you are, then kudos to you! Just remember that “fulfilling” is a continuum and as long as you are here on Earth you have a mission to fulfill. The mission might evolve and transform itself, remain aligned with your Higher Self so that you can receive the appropriate guidance throughout your journey.


If you are not fulfilling your soul mission, don’t worry. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Discovering the necessary steps to fulfill your mission is an essential part of the mission, and the challenges and struggles that come with it are usually great sources for healing and growth.

Whether you know or don’t know what your soul purpose is, the most important thing you can do is clear your karmic slate and the energetic blockages that are preventing you from fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

In-Light-Ment 2.0 is a spiritual technology tool that can help you transmute the highest priority energetic blockages that are keeping you in a low frequency fence and unable to step into your mission.

The video healing sessions that are included in In-Light-Ment 2.0 will allow you to activate dormant strands of DNA so that you can connect to your Higher Self and embody it. Your Higher Self is the level of consciousness where you can get answers to the questions like “Why am I here?” and “Who am I?”.

Connecting to your Higher Self is the key to discovering what your soul purpose is and how to fulfill it.