Ascended Relationships & In-Light-Ment Affiliate Program

Reasons why you will love to become an affiliate.

  • Financial Abundance

    Manifest unlimited financial abundance by promoting one of the best spiritual healing tools on the planet. With each referral you will be contributing and assisting in humanity’s ascension.

  • A Company You Can Trust

    Golden Ratio Consulting has been offering top customer service to more than a hundred thousand people from all around the world for over 8 years. With websites like AscendedRelationships and In-Light-Ment you will become part of a worldwide known brand.

  • Robust and Accurate Sign-Up and Tracking Systems

    We’ve got a sign-up process that’s so effortless, you can begin earning commissions right away – without any hoop-jumping. You’ll also get accurate stats on how your promotions are doing. Even if the person you refer doesn’t purchase one of our programs the first time, our cookies will track them even months after their first visit so you can get your commission.

  • High Commissions On Every Product Paid Out on Time

    You want to work with a company that offers optimal commission rates and has room to expand, and pays on time – every time. Because we’re an established company with a track record for success, we’re able to pay our affiliates a 42% commision for every sale. You can count on receiving your commission payouts on time, after 30 days of each referral sale via PayPal. There’s more: as a high-earning affiliate, we reward you when you sell more than others by increasing your commission percentage up to 50%

  • Stellar Customer Service That Wows

    You want to make sure that the customers you refer will always be taken care of, no matter what problem arises. Here at Golden Ratio Consulting, we’ve set a goal to create the best customer service in the energy healing and spiritual growth industry.

  • Affiliates Must Apply Ensure a High-Quality Group

    The Ascended Relationships and In-Light-Ment affiliate program is by invite only. We receive large volumes of applications every week. Please bear with us while we review your information which requires detailed reviewing and filtering – your patience is kindly appreciated. If we find that your application is the right fit, we will reach out to you within 15 days and you will receive your login details for our affiliate program via email.

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