Ascension In The Future

When most people talk about ascension what comes to mind is this massive event where the Earth and humanity will ascend to a higher dimension and finally get to live in a world of peace and harmony. Or where the great alien disclosure finally occurs and the veil is lifted from humanity.

The problem with this scenario is that it takes place in the future. And the future is outside the present moment, therefor it’s not yet a reality.

Remember December 21, 2012? Almost the entire ascension community spent years talking about it and waiting for this auspicious day to come so that we could finally witness the awakening and ascension of humanity.

I have to confess that for a while I drank from that Kool-Aid 🙂

However, before December 21, 2012 arrived I got a feeling that nothing of this nature would happen. All of the sudden I realized the true meaning of ascension and when it actually occurs.

Ascension In The NOW

You’ve probably heard that time is really an illusion. There was never really a beginning and there will never be an end, instead the present moment and space stretch infinitely.

When you realize that the only moment that can truly exist is the NOW and that things can only transpire in the now then you begin to see how absurd is the idea of waiting for ascension to happen in the future.

What Is Ascension?

One definition for ascension or spiritual evolution is going “up” the dimensional scale until you get all the way back to Source.

However, when you consider what quantum physicists call non-locality then the term “up” and “higher” can be a bit misleading. Non-locality refers to the idea that no matter where you are in the universe, you will be at the center of the universe because at the quantum level the universe is nothing but a hologram.

Within every proton, every subatomic particle in the nuclear of atoms is all the energy, all the information of all other atoms in the universe. So when we go within is when we actually connect with that ONENESS, with that connectivity of all things.” – Nassim Haramein

This means that all dimensions are within you, as well as your Higher Self. So when you ascend you aren’t actually going “up” but rather you are simply tuning into a different vibratory field or frequency wave of consciousness that has always existed within you.

In more specific terms, you are changing the particle pulsation rhythm and speed of the particles that make up your DNA Template and auric field. Naturally when you do this you will resonate with another set of the frequency bands that make up this multidimensional universe.

What Does Ascension In The Now Look Like?

Ascension really refers to a state of consciousness or a state of beingness.

Let’s say that a person has lived their entire lifetime feeling like a victim and they have blamed other people and outside circumstances for their own unhappiness. A person who identifies with the victim archetype usually feels as if “bad” things are always happening to them and they have little to no control over their lives.

Victims love to complain and the love getting pity from other people.

Now, imagine that this person who has felt like a victim for as long as they can remember all of a sudden has this life changing realization where s/he no longer sees her/himself as a victim. Rather, they have awaken to the reality that they are co-creators of reality and they have the power to consciously design their experience in life.

That person has experienced an ASCENSION IN CONSCIOUSNESS.

They evolved from the frequency of victimization to the frequency of personal power. This will have major implications in their DNA Template, chakras and the vibration of their auric field.

Once you see ascension like this you realize that there are INFINITE opportunities to ascend.

  • From separation to unity consciousness
  • From competition to co-operation
  • From scarcity to wealth consciousness
  • From dis-ease to health
  • From co-dependency to self love
  • From unworthiness to divineness
  • From righteousness to open mindness
  • From judgment to higher compassion
  • From control to surrender
  • From Ego to Higher Self

Will A Massive Ascension Ever Take Place?

Absolutely, I think it is inevitable. However, I invite you to not get attached to a day or year where this type of ascension will take place.

Instead focus on continuously ascending your consciousness in the NOW. Then when that probable future becomes a reality in the NOW you will RESONATE with it, you will be open to it and you will be able to process it.

Ascension won’t happen to you, instead ascension will happen through you.

Keep ascending through the infinite NOW,

Gustavo Castañer