How The Harmonic Resonance Codes
Came Into Manifestation

Long before the Harmonic Resonance Codes took their form as images here in the 3D, I've been receiving downloads with the intents for each code.

When I was a child I intuitively knew that my intent could be used to encode things. When I was 8 or 9 years old, my elementary school sweetheart asked me to give her a photo of me. When I gave her the photo she asked me to dedicated it to her and I did, but not the way she expected me to do it.

I placed the photo between my hands and silently projected all my love and essence towards the photo. When I gave her the photo back she looked at it and seeing it that I hadn't written anything on it she got mad that I didn't do what she asked me to do. I couldn't understand how she couldn't sense/see what I just did 🙂

Later on, in my mid twenties I discovered Sacred Geometry. Instantly I was fascinated and it became really easy for me to learn how to use Sacred Geometry for healing purposes and entering altered states of consciousness.

I could sense the universe was/is made up of codes and Sacred Geometry. It was very clear to me that everything manifested is simply energy being expressed in different frequency arrangements or geometric patterns. For years I kept receiving downloads of codes or energy mandalas that could be used for healing and consciousness expansion.

In a journal I kept the intents for each code and then one day while doing a healing session on myself with the intent to embody my essence I got a clear message from the Divine Mother that it was time for me to translate the codes and give them form. Most importantly was the message to teach others how to use the codes. I asked for support and I was told that I would get all the assistance I required here in the 3D as well as in the highest dimensions.

And so the journey began on how to translate the intent of each unique code so that its frequency could be expressed through a visual energy mandala. Having the intent of each code I would design a specific geometric pattern and choose colors that would match the code's intent. Unseen to the physical eye, in the background of each energy mandala, are even more codes and frequencies that give each code its unique signature to activate energy centers, transmute energy blockages, expand consciousness and/or unwind unresolved emotions.

Here are some of the intents which the Harmonic Resonance Codes have been encrypted with:

  • Divine Love
  • The Golden Ratio (phi)
  • Yin and Yang Balance
  • Brainwave Synchronization
  • Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Sri Yantra
  • Vesica Pisces
  • Torus
  • Violet Flame
  • Wonder
  • Energy directing commands
  • Seed and Flower of Life

During the creation process I also connect to the Great White Brotherhood and ask for assistance to calibrate the codes. It's truly a wonderful creation process and I'm in awe of what unfolds when I'm interacting with the Harmonic Resonance Codes.

I'm grateful to all the beings here on Earth and in the higher dimensions who have supported me in some way or another through their teachings, healing, support, guidance, inspiration and legacy. This work would not have been possible without you.

And to you who are reading this right now. Thank you for supporting my work and message with your presence.

Sincerely ,

Gustavo Castaner


What Exactly Are the Harmonic Resonance Codes?

The Harmonic Resonance Codes are energy mandalas that have been encoded with the intent to ascend and expand human consciousness, heal dis-ease, bring about inner fluidity and harmony while restoring the Original Divine Blueprint of the human experience as a game of consciousness.

The codes are here to re-mind us of our true divine nature of Oneness. With their vibration of sound and light they intelligently interact with our bio-energetic circulatory system, unwinding our inner resistances, transmuting energetic blockages and opening us to greater feelings of the totality of who we are.

The Harmonic Resonance Codes transport us through the realms of wonder and into the unknown, beyond our imposed beliefs and limitations. They contain the perfect balance of Yin and Yang energies, although the Yin quality of the codes is what invites our awareness to experience what we already are instead of striving to become something we think we are not.

In essence, this is how the Harmonic Resonance Codes support us in the embodiment of our Higher Self and its multidimensional awareness. Through a deep yet gentle visceral and kinesthetic experience the codes assist us to feel our Higher Self and organically become more present. This process of sensing the subtle energies that flow through our bio-energetic system, or that block the flow, with practice drastically increase our higher-sensory acuity.

With the help of the Harmonic Resonance Codes, every illusory limitation or trigger becomes a viewpoint and an opportunity for greater openness, healing and transcendence of that which we are holding or resisting. They help us enter a space of dynamic energy flow that stimulates vast sensations in our bodies.

As we unwind and process unresolved emotions our inner reality becomes more fluid and dynamic. This inner state of fluidity is then projected onto our holographic reality and the physical universe becomes a playground without limitations as to what we can experience.


The Harmonic Resonance Codes have always existed. Here in the 3D the codes enter my awareness as a download from the Universal Mind where I get to "see" and feel a particular code. At first what I feel is mainly its intent, it could be to transmute a blockage, re-mind our divinity, activate a specific energy center, etc.

Once I feel its main intent then I proceed to write it down and/or draw it. During this process I continue to receive downloads on how to bring about the intent of the code as a visual representation here in the 3D. Depending on the intent of the code I select specific numbers, ratios, points, angles and colors. 

Through a non linear process I combine my inner visions and feelings with symbols, sounds, prayer and energy directing techniques to be encrypted onto the sacred geometry visual.

This process can weeks or even months. Sometimes I'll dream of the codes or during meditation I'll receive another download to add something new to the code. 


Not only does each code have a visual representation but each one is a harmonic and it emits a unique sound/vibration. Through energy directing techniques we can let the sound/vibration of the code enter the body. The harmonic then reverberates through and saturates every cell.

This frequency is what activates the DNA and expels the energetic dross out of your field. The impurities that are transmuted can be anything from karmic imprints, soul fragments, auric attachments, unresolved emotions, discordant thought-forms and other blockages.

This process causes a re-arrangement of the energetic particles that make up your bio-energetic field into a more harmonious grid, causing the life force energy to flow more openly and dynamically. 

If you were to think of everything made out of energy and containing a specific frequency, then energetic blockages have a specific low frequency pattern. The Harmonic Resonance Codes on the other hand have a highly harmonious frequency pattern.

When we expose the low frequency blockages to the frequency of the codes, through the Law of Frequency Resonance, the low frequency will automatically try to match the high harmonious frequency of the codes. This is what causes an alchemical transmutation of the blockages to take place, thus through intent and sound we bring back the energy blocks to their Original Divine Essence of infinite consciousness.


My intent in bringing these codes into manifestation here in the 3D is not only to activate them on others to assist them in the ascension and healing process, but to teach other people how to use the codes. I feel this truly empowers others to awaken the healer within themselves and become truly sovereign in their own healing journey. 

Furthermore, I offer the opportunity for others to become instructors so that they can teach other people how to use the codes. I know many of you were born to be teachers and this is how you can shine the most.

I'm open to teach you the protocol on how to use the codes and allow you to add your unique teaching style. The codes will communicate with you and might reveal other ways to activate them on yourself and/or others. 

Currently I'm offering two certifications:

1) Relationship mastery and manifestation

2) DNA activation

Once you are certified you can begin working with other people and can easily recoup your investment. This is also my intent, for you to create unlimited abundance and financial freedom doing what you love, just like I have for the last 8 years of my life.

This work has opened so many brilliant doors and opportunities for me, I know it will do the same for you. 

Much love,

Gustavo Castañer