The effects of the ascension process are taking full force.

For that reason I’m sharing once again the email newsletter I sent to my email list back in November 15, 2016 titled Earth Ascension Cycle and Our World Right Now.

Please read this carefully as it will bring you a lot of clarity as to what is happening in the world right now (will most likely continue to unfold in the coming years) and what might be happening within you as well.

ASCENSION PROCESS 2017 and beyond

The current state of the world and the future of humanity can appear to be frightening to many. Yet everything is in Divine Right Order and Divine Right Timing.

The illusion of chaos that is being portrayed by governments all around the world is really an act of desperation in an attempt to stop what is inevitable…Earth and humanity’s ascension. Since the year 2000 the Earth has entered an ascension cycle.

What this means is that as we entered the 21st century our planet began progressively anchoring 12th dimensional frequencies. With each new set of frequency infusions more of the disconnected DNA within the human template began to reconnect and memories of the original Angelic Human and Indigo DNA templates with all its potential powers began to return.

These downloads of 12th dimensional frequency are meant to raise the frequency of the Earth and humanity so that we can ascend. However these 12th dimensional frequency infusions have a wide range of effects on Earth and its habitants.

When you apply the Law of Resonance to this ascension cycle and the current state of the Earth everything that is happening starts to make sense, whatever doesn’t resonate with these 12th dimensional frequencies will experience a transformation. Sometimes the transformation can appear to occur in a chaotic and dramatic way.


This type of transformation can be explained by the molecular compaction phenomenon. What molecular compaction means is that when higher dimensional frequencies come “down” to be anchored by the Earth or a human, if these frequencies are met by energetic blockages or any type of resistance they will clash with these blockages and cause a strong reaction.

The outdated systems of politics, economics, education, food, religion, etc. cannot resonate with the frequencies of the higher realms. They are all crumbling right in front of our eyes and the people who are attached to these outdated systems are trying everything they can to hold on to them.

Their strategy is to create more chaos in order to breed duality, drama, distraction and suffering. What you are witnessing is the death of the collective Ego. And if you have ever experience the death of the Ego, you know that the Ego fears to cease to exist but in the end it only experiences a rebirth.

The darkest hour is before dawn. -Unknown

Once you understand how this game of consciousness is being played you can remain centered in constant state of inner peace. And when you are not centered, then you become aware of how the emotional and mental triggers you are experiencing are a doorway to heal, clear and unwind that which is blocking you from absolute inner peace.

Everything that happens, including the current world events are an opportunity for you so that you can once again embrace a state of equanimity.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? (The Juice Fast Analogy)

The best thing you can do is to prepare your bio-energetic system to accrete these higher dimensional frequencies and avoid the effects of molecular compaction. Think about it like this…if you have ever attempted to do an extended juice fast you know that when you stop eating junk food and give your body highly bio-available nutrients the toxins that you have accumulated for years will come out in massive quantities to be flushed out of your body.

However, if you don’t help your body get rid of these toxins you can end up dealing with auto-intoxication. This is where the toxins that are being released will make you feel sick (headaches, nausea, rashes, tiredness, etc.). You can easily avoid auto-intoxication by helping your colon, liver and lymphatic system flush out all the nasty toxins.

These 12th dimensional frequencies are like going on an extended organic juice fast. That means that all the toxins (energetic blockages) are stored in your light body will start to come out and make their presence felt.*

If you are not careful you will experience auto-intoxication by re-identifying and re-living once again all the unresolved emotional baggage, the karmic imprints and past traumatic events that have been stored in your soul memory.

The best way to avoid energetic auto-intoxication is to cleanse and transmute your energetic body by clearing auric attachments, karmic imprints and DNA blockages on all levels of your multidimensional anatomy. Then progressively activate your DNA so that you can anchor and accrete more of these 12th dimensional frequencies into your morphogenetic field.


Use the Auric Attachments Transmutation Harmonic Resonance Code to clear the auric attachments you and/or your clients have picked up from the main stream media (even social media) and other people related to politics, the government and wars.

Use the Karmic Imprints and Reverse Coding Transmutation Harmonic Resonance Code to clear all karmic imprints and soul fragments related to the fear of the unknown, poverty consciousness and victimization. You can also use this code to clear any type of emotional and mental trigger that is keeping you or your client in an negative karmic loop.

And finally activate the DNA Activation Harmonic Resonance Codes with the intent to continue to embody your Higher Self and accrete higher dimensional frequencies. By raising your frequency you are making sure that you don’t resonate with the lower frequency people, places, times, things and events that feed the world drama and chaos.

Focus on being a pillar of light to assist your brothers and sisters. If you are not a certified Soul Alchemist Practitioner then use whatever tools you have at your disposal for healing and meditation. Whatever you do…don’t engage in the drama and fear of the masses and remain centered.

Above all, remember that everyone has free will and every-ONE is loved unconditionally. The best way to help others experience a higher and more loving game of consciousness is to awaken and heal yourself. When you embody an awareness of clarity, harmony and brilliancy others will feel it.”

Much love,

Gustavo Castañer

Founder of Ascended Relationships

*Many people are experiencing molecular compaction right now and very old issues that they thought they had healed or transcended are coming back. You are not going crazy

However, it is time to process, heal and unwind these old patterns. I promise you that you will come out feeling much lighter and more enlightened!​​​​​​​

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