Have you ever walked into a room or a building and just not felt right?

Like a government building, a hotel room or a police station?  Or places where they serve alcohol tend to have a weird vibe and as soon as you enter is like entering this foggy cloud of dense/sticky energy.

The reality is that there are unseen entities, discordant thought-forms, and beings that are hanging around these spaces because they resonate with the energy of that space. In addition to that there is also the energy from past painful, stressful or traumatic events that took place within that space and are now encoded in the energy matrix of that building.

A lot of times what will happen is that one of the previous owners of a house will have died in the house, and that being never successfully transitioned through the death portal or plane of bliss and is still hanging around on the astral level (4th dimension).


Before society gets the chance to condition children, they usually have acute higher sensory perception.

When my wife was a kid she used to see her room get full of spirits and entities when she went to sleep at night. Back then she didn’t know what to do and it was terrifying for her.

If you have children who constantly wake up in the middle of the night with “night terrors” or being scared for no reason it could be because of these auric attachments that are still hanging around your house.

One time Jenn stayed at a Bed and Breakfast with her family and when she woke up in the middle of the night she saw the spirit of a teenager boy looking out the window. The next day when she told the owner of the B&B, the owner told her that the spirit matched the description of her son, who had committed suicide in that very same house.

These entities and thought-forms affect the entire frequency of the place and thus you can feel this very strongly.

The good news is that just as you can clear the energy of your auric field you can also clear the energy of the space and remove these entities and thought-forms for good.

Below I’m going to share with you 3 examples of how I have done this type of space clearing procedure for three different places.


Recently Jenn and I moved to a new apartment in the center of Málaga, Spain.

Málaga is one of the oldest cities in the world with close to three thousand years of history, dating back all the way to the Phoenicians.

Anyway, a month ago we decided to check out a beautiful apartment in Málaga. The building where the apartment is located is very old (probably more than 150 years old).

When we went to see the apartment, even though it was stunningly decorated and had a lot of natural light, I could instantly feel that something was off in regards to the energy of the space.

We decided to move in and I connected to the energetic blueprint of the apartment. I asked my Higher Self if there were any discarnates, entities, thought-forms or past discordant energies attached to the apartment.

I got a YES.

So then I proceeded to clear all auric attachments in every single room and wall of the apartment. I removed 4 different discarnates and cleared the negative energy of all the people who have lived in the apartment before us.

Then I proceeded to create a 12th dimensional protective field of energy around the entire apartment. As soon as I finished the session the energy of the apartment felt very pleasing and way lighter.


This story is a bit freaky but is an incredible example of how important is to clear the energy of spaces where you are going to sleep in.

Back in 2015 Jenn and I were traveling through Bali and decided to visit Ubud. This particular day we decided to go on a bike tour before checking in into our new hotel.

After a 3 hour bike ride I was feeling exhausted. We arrived to this gorgeous hotel surrounded by lush green nature, we checked in and I told Jenn that I wanted to take a nap. Jenn went out shopping with some friends and I went into a very deep sleep.

When I woke up something felt very wrong, I felt like I was not entirely in my body and that some entity was trying to occupy it.

Never in my life have I experienced something like this. It was very unsettling and I felt like I was in a weird dream world.

Jenn arrived soon after and I told her what was happening. Luckily for me Jenn also knows how to perform clearings and knows how to take discarnates to the plane of bliss.

She proceeded to help me perform a series of clearings on myself and the space to get the entity out of my body and out of that space (I got the sense that the spirit was there long before the hotel was built).

Five minutes after the clearing was done I was back to my good old self and I proceeded to create a protection field around myself and the hotel room. We slept three more nights in that room without any other incident.


A year ago I was doing a private session for a client and she was telling me how she hated going to work because the environment in her office was quite toxic.

Her boss and a few co-workers were constantly in a state of drama. The energies of competition, envy and judgment were rampant at her workplace.

This client was very sensitive to subtle energies and her workplace was draining her life force energy. But she didn’t want to quit because she was making good money and she actually loved what she did for a living.

So I told her that in addition to clearing the energetic blockages that were being triggered within her, I could also perform a clearing on her office space.

Two weeks later she told me that her boss had quit and one of the co-workers that was usually the instigator of drama was fired. Once the negative influence from these two people were out of the equation the rest of the co-workers appeared to be in a greater mood.

Her work environment had completely transformed and now she looked forward to going to work every morning.

This is how the Law of Frequency Resonance works. People can only be in relationships or remain in a space if they have an identical or similar frequency. If you change your frequency and the frequency of a space, whatever doesn’t resonate with it will eventually.


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What I will do is perform a complete Auric Field Clearing for every room of the house or business and then set up a 12th dimensional protective field around the entire place. The clearings are permanent and the protective field should last at least 5 years.

Clearing your environment can allow you to experience more peace, have better focus, work without distractions, and most importantly, sleep deeply without having interferences during the night.

Once you order your session I will send you an email to let you know the day in which I will be performing the clearing. After I’ve performed the clearing I will send you another email to let you know that the work is done.

Looking forward to helping you with this,

Gustavo Castañer