What are the requirements for ascension? This might be a weird question to ask but if ascension is an achievable state of mind and part of our evolutionary process, then there must be a roadmap or guideline that leads to the experience of ascension.

Below you will find a list of the top requirements for ascension and what you can do to fulfill these vital steps.

1. Open Heart Chakra

Having an open heart is at the core of most spiritually oriented philosophies and religions. But why is that? When you look at it from a multidimensional anatomy perspective the heart chakra represents the first level of your Higher Self awareness.

Your Ego is composed of three levels of consciousness:

  1. The physical body and subconscious mind – root chakra
  2. The emotional body or instinctual mind – sacral chakra
  3. The mental body or reasoning mind – solar plexus chakra

Beyond the Ego we find the spiritual bodies or what is know as your Higher Self. The Higher Self anatomy is actually composed of 12 additional levels of mind.

The first level of your Higher Self would correspond to your astral mind and the heart charka. In order for you to transcend your Ego consciousness and begin to embody your Higher Self, you must open your heart chakra.

What Does An Open Heart Chakra Mean?

When you open your heart chakra you will experience unconditional self love and eventually you will come to experience the state of Omni Love or the love for ALL.

It’s easy to see that the vast majority of humanity doesn’t have an open heart chakra. Instead a great deal of humans are caught up in karmic loops of hatred, judgment, violence, bitterness, resentment, guilt, anger, etc. All of these unresolved emotions and karmic issues block the heart chakra from being open and keep a person stuck in their Ego consciousness.

Today many people “know” what is to have an open heart chakra but they don’t FEEL IT. This is not something you know, it’s not a mental experience but rather it’s something that you simply sense/feel.

2. Flexibility And Openness To Change

The ascension process will require humanity to learn and embody new ways of LIVING, FEELING AND THINKING. We are going to be learning from higher dimensional races and civilizations that are far more evolved in consciousness than we are.

Humans will most likely be introduced to new technologies. From inter dimensional travel, healing, learning and much more. Many of our current systems like economic and social political will go through a massive transformation.

Pretty much anything that does not resonate with the Law of ONE will become obsolete. The multiple ways in which we express separation, competition and scarcity will no longer be viable options as means to thrive in our society.

For this to happen we will require to let go of our individual and collective sense of self-righteousness, unworthiness and limitation.

Failure to do so will result in a lot of confusion, pain and drama. Those who haven’t done the necessary work will not be able to smoothly process what will be unfolding.

That being said, you do not have to wait for the day where a massive disclosure occurs. All the higher ways of thinking, feeling, perceiving and acting are already available to you via your Higher Self. As you embody your higher dimensional consciousness you naturally transcend these outdate belief systems and ways of beings.

Only then will you accrete the necessary ascension frequencies and become a pillar of light to help bring about the ascension at a mass level.

3. Higher Sensory Perception

A massive alien disclosure is likely probable to occur within the next 5-10 years. In my opinion this is something that is inevitable and long due.

Many extraterrestrial and ultra-terrestrial races will come (many are already here) from dimensions 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. When such contact is made you have to be able to PERCEIVE the higher dimensional frequency bands where those beings manifest from in order to sense their presence and effectively communicate with them.

Depending on your level of DNA Activation and how much of your Higher Self you have embodied you will be able to perceive some or all of these frequencies bands of consciousness.

Not everyone will ascend to the same “place” because ascension is a creative process, you choose “where to” ascend to based on the work you have done. This work refers to many things like:

  • How much emotional work you have done
  • How much you have healed past traumas
  • How much karma you have trasnmuted
  • How many outdated belief systems you have transcended
  • How many higher ways of being you have embodied and constantly practice
  • How much DNA you have activated

Higher sensory perception will also come in handy because it will allow you to discern from the mind controlling distractions that will continue to be put out into the matrix by those who do not want ascension to occur.


4. Contribution

Source created this 15th Multidimensional Time Matrix with a series of specific intents. When you make choices in line with these intents you are in ALIGNMENT with Source-Will and you can accrete the life-force currents from Source.

This process of making choices in line with your Higher Self and Source-Will is how you progressively accrete higher dimensional frequency bands and thus expand your field of consciousness.

One of the intents that is imbued in this time matrix is the intent of co-evolution. As a species we are literally built with the soul desire to help and assist others in their process of evolution. When you understand this and most importantly you practice the act of contribution you will know that this is one of the greatest sources of happiness and fulfillment.

When it comes to ascension there are two main types of contribution:

  1. Personal frequency transmission – here the individual focuses primarily in changing and raising their personal frequency. All the healing and personal work makes the person become light-er. Their frequency creates a ripple effect that positively affects the entire planet and all sentient beings within it.
  2. Helping others – here the individual takes action to create ways where s/he can help others have a better life and live.

When it comes to actively helping others there are infinite ways to do this. From energy healing, to art/music, science, community service, etc.

Contribution is one of the most important requirements for ascension if not the most important because it deeply resonates with unity consciousness. So if you feel a longing to help others heal, grow, learn or enjoy life on earth then do everything you can to fulfill your soul mission.

How I Fulfilled The Requirements For Ascension

I’m about to share with you how I achieved the previously mentioned requirements for ascension. By no means do I believe that this is the only way to fulfill these steps rather I’m only sharing what has worked for me and for many other people.

1. Opening My Heart Chakra

First I identified a series of blockages that were preventing my heart chakra from being open. Blockages like guilt, resentment, hatred, judgment, experiences of betrayal and heartbreak, unworthiness, etc. Then I proceeded to transmute as many auric attachments, soul fragments and karmic imprints related to the source of these blockages. Finally I proceeded to activate my 4th strand of DNA which corresponds to the heart chakra and cultivate the frequencies of unconditional self love.

2. Being Open and Flexible

Here I mainly focused on clearing energetic blockages related to righteousness and fear of the unknown. However, most of the personal work that I did with the intent to heal and grow allowed me to let go of outdated belief systems, behaviors and dynamics that no longer served me. With each clearing and unwinding I was able to embody more of my Higher Self, this process allowed me to tap to new and higher ways of thinking and feeling. Of course many books on self-growth helped me to see, practice and ingrain new ways of being that resonated more with the frequencies of ascension.

3. Higher Sensory Perception

For this step there were many things that helped me awaken and develop my higher sensory acuity:

  • DNA Activation
  • Meditation
  • Learning and practicing remote viewing
  • Learning and practicing lucid dreaming
  • Learning and practicing energy healing 
  • Clearing energy blockages in my third eye
  • Consistently following my intuition

4. Contribution

My journey to contribution started with the realization that in order for me to assist other people first I needed to become as clear as possible. The mission to raise and change my frequency lead me to embark in a journey to learn how I could clear energetic blockages, heal past traumas and activate my own DNA.

It wasn’t long after that I started to work on myself that I felt a strong calling to teach other people how they could clear their own auric attachments, transmute their own karma, activate their own DNA and in turn facilitate or even teach this work to other people (Indigos and Lightworkers).

And because one of the greatest benefits that I got from this journey of embodying my Higher Self was manifesting my soulmate, I also decided to help other people manifest higher loving and conscious relationships.

For this step, if you resonate with helping others embodying their Higher Self and clear their karmic slate then becoming a Soul Alchemist can be a great opportunity for you.

If you don’t feel like your soul mission has to do with energy healing or DNA Activation but you would still like to become as clear as possible and raise your frequency then In-Light-Ment 2.0 can be a great tool to help you to meet the requirements for ascension.

Do you think there are any other requirements for ascension?

Please let me know in the comments below 🙂