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This is one of the most important clearings to manifest a 5D relationship


Before you can even manifest a 5D relationship you must first be able to transcend a 3D relationship and begin to experience a 4D relationship. It is much easier to understand dimensional relationships when we look at the chakras. As you know the lot of humanity is stuck in the 1st three chakras:

Root chakra – survival, fears and sex. This chakra also corresponds to the physical body and the subconscious mind.

Sacral chakra – pain, suffering, victimization and abundance. This chakra also corresponds to the emotional body.

Solar plexus chakra – control, power and self-esteem. This chakra also corresponds to the mental body and rational mind.

These three chakras correspond to our incarnate identity or the Ego. They are a fundamental part of who we are BUT we are not meant to experience our entire lifetime from these lower chakras. Instead we are meant to activate the chakras that correspond to our Higher Self (4th chakra and above) and progressively experience aspects of our higher multidimensional anatomy/awareness. Once we can tune in and live from the higher chakras, we will inevitably experience relationships that are fueled from the energy emanated by these higher vibrational energy centers.

Unfortunately most relationships are based solely on the needs of the Ego and its desires to control, manipulate, create pain and “survive”. The need to seek love, approval and appreciation outside of ourselves is ubiquitous. Co-dependent relationships are rampant in our society with individuals trying to extract the love the think they don’t have from others. This leads to energy vampiring and control issues, thus keeping people in ego-driven relationships.


When the first 3 chakras are mastered and transcended we can begin to activate and experience the frequencies of the heart chakra. The way we master the first three chakras is by removing all energy blockages that are attached to these chakras, blockages like:

– Fear

– The emotional pain body

– Blockages to abundance

– Shadow self archetypes and personas like victimization, the rescuer, the martyr, the tyrant, etc.

– Power and control issues, including self-righteousness

As we transmute these energetic blockages and integrate our shadow self we can draw in more light to the first 3 frequency bands of our auric field and change the vibrational frequency of the particles that make up our first 3 levels of awareness. Once this happens our frequency begins to match the next higher frequency bands, the first one being the 4th chakra or the heart chakra.

Within the heart chakra lies the vibrational state of unconditional self love. When we are able to fully embody a state of unconditional love and trust we can unconditionally love others and transcend all judgment. Yet it all begins with self-love, for you cannot fully love another if you don’t love yourself first.

This is why it is really important to clear all soul fragments, karmic imprints and other energetic blockages related to judgment, fear of not being loved, betrayal, heartbreak, hatred, etc. These are the blockages that prevent your heart chakra from blossoming and you from experiencing unconditional self-love.

The embodiment of unconditional self-love leads to the experience of omni-love or the love of ALL. This stage marks the full activation of the heart chakra and the individual fully embodies the awareness that love is the essence of everything, including him/herself. All decision making is aligned with unconditional love and omni-love, fear of not being loved vanishes and a profound sense of safety takes over the individual.

Only a state of bliss can result from this and so the person is said to be drunk in higher vibrational love and ecstasy. However this does not mean that you will be in this state 24/7, rather you will have access to it whenever you focus upon it, thus allowing you to remain grounded and be able to relate to mundane activities and interactions which are part of the human experience.

Opening the heart charka is a crucial step for anyone looking to manifest a 5D relationship, if the heart chakra remains blocked there is no real chance of ascending to a 5D relationship.


Once you can live from your heart chakra you will then be able to ascend to the 5th chakra. The throat chakra or 5th chakra corresponds to the frequencies of speaking and living your own truth. By accessing the wisdom within your heart, your inner truth will reveal itself with absolute clarity and you will feel a driving force that will propel you to speak that truth.

But rather than merely speaking your truth using words you will begin to embody your truth and model it with your presence. You will be walking your truth and speaking your truth through your actions, your presence and even when you are in silence. The need to preach or “convince” others of your truth is no longer required, for you know that those who are ready will come to you.

When the 5th chakra is fully activated you use a language of personal power and drop all words that resonate with victimization, blame, limitation and lack. Instead you are aligned with the power of the universal OM, the ultimate power of creation.

You realize that your words are mathematical programs that can be sent into the universe to create your desired reality. And you intuitively know that questions are the key to greater wisdom and that spoken commands unleash your manifestation abilities.

Ultimately what determines the embodiment of 5th dimensional frequencies within your morphogenetic field is the fulfillment of your Soul’s Purpose. That’s right, stationed in dimensions 4, 5 and 6 is what is known as your Soul Identity.

This part of your Higher Self holds the awareness and wisdom to your Soul’s Purpose as well as all the necessary steps you should take in order to fulfill it everyday. To manifest a 5D relationship you must align yourself with your Soul’s purpose and remove any energetic blockages preventing you from this.


The 5th chakra represents one of the biggest challenges when it comes to relationships. In ancient times male dominated religions purposely created and promoted distorted beliefs about women in order to control humanity. Women were said to be soulless and bad, therefor they could not have a direct connection to God.

Emotions were considered to be a feminine aspect and men as warrior were ridiculed, punished and sometimes even killed if they showed any so called “women’s emotions”. This lead billions of men to repress their emotions and anger resulted from this.

For thousands of years and even today in some parts of the world omen were not allowed to have a profession, education, voice or opinion. Men would look down upon women and disregard their truth. This is known as the Male-Female Rift and it is imprinted in the soul memory of billions of people.

In order for men and women to manifest a 5th dimensional relationship, the following is required:

– For men to allow, support and embrace the feminine essence (within themselves and through women)

– For men to surrender to the Divine Feminine and support women to speak their own truth

– For women to step up and walk their own truth

– For women to surrender to the Divine Masculine

– Both men and women require to heal the Male-Female Rift and balance their inner masculine and feminine energies

– Both men and women must let go of control, dominance and self-rightousnes.

These steps will unleash the power of the 5th chakra for men and women. By frequency resonance, the individuals who consciously choose to heal the Male-Female Rift will attract a being who is also vibrating at this frequency or is very close to it.

Sometimes men require to be in the presence of a conscious woman to be able to surrender to the divine feminine and experience a rebirth. Women can also experience a rebirth when in the presence of a conscious man.

And when this rebirth happens a 5d relationship is born. Both partners are embodying their Soul Identity (the part of your Higher Self that resides in dimensions 4-6) and as a result they are fulfilling their Soul Mission or Soul Purpose here on Earth. Their tantric energies can now rise from the first chakra to the fifth chakra and above to be used as healing energies and conscious awakening.

HOW CAN YOU ACCESS THE 5th dimension?

To understand what makes a 5D relationship a reality we must first understand what a dimension really is. When most people think of the 5th dimension or any other higher dimension they think it’s somewhere “up there” and “outside” of their current reality.

All dimensions are “everywhere”, even inside of you. What determines which dimension you experience is the particle pulsation rhythm, the speed and rotation of the particles that make up your auric field and DNA template.

If you could change the vibration, rotation and speed of the particles that make your auric field you would literally begin to experience a new dimension of reality without having to go “anywhere” but rather you would embody those higher dimension here and now. However most of humanity is phase locked in the frequency bands of dimensions 1-3 and therefore can only experience a limited aspect of reality.

The reason why more than 90% of humanity lives inside a frequency fence is due to blockages in their DNA, especially the 4th strand of DNA. All dimensions and your chakras are connected to your DNA template and if you have blockages in your 4th strand of DNA then that means you won’t be able to fully activate your heart chakra and accrete the light that corresponds to your higher self.

That is why it is imperative to clear DNA blockages and progressively activate your higher DNA strands so that you can begin to embody your Higher Self and attract a higher frequency relationship. Activating strands 4 and 5 are key steps to manifesting a 4D and 5D relationship.

Cut Cords of Attachment

Karmic ties and cords of attachments from previous relationships lower your frequency and prevent you from manifesting a 5D relationship. And if you happen to attract your soulmate or twinflame but you haven’t cut all cords of attachments then you will project your past unresolved issues to the new relationship, impede it’s evolution and ultimately destroy it.


Everyone has a certain frequency (the vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and sub-atomic particles in your field) which ranges between 50-150 Ghz. Frequency is extremely important because of the Law of Resonance which states that depending on the frequency you have you will resonate with people, places, times, things and events that have similar frequency if not identical frequency.

Two people do not get together and stay together unless they have the same or very similar frequency. In order to manifest a 5D relationship then your frequency MUST MATCH a 5th dimensional frequency.

But if you have energetic blockages in your auric field, chakras and DNA then these blockages will prevent you from vibrating at higher frequency and will repel you from manifesting a higher frequency relationship.

Anything that is encoded in your field like past painful experiences, karmic imprints, the emotional pain body, beliefs, etc. will have an effect on your frequency and attract you to people who have the same or very similar low frequency imprints encoded in their field.


You must clear ALL energetic blockages and subconscious beliefs at the quantum level of your awareness to raise your frequency and begin to attract a more harmonious grid of people, places, times, things and events. This includes soulmates and twinflames as well as other desirable life experiences.

The key is to transmute these energetic blockages PERMANENTLY on ALL levels of your awareness. Unfortunately many healing modalities out there only work on the lower levels of your awareness (I know because I spent more than 10 years studying and practicing different healing modalities with the goal to find one that would deliver permanent results).

When an energetic blockage is cleared only on the physical, emotional and mental levels of your multidimensional anatomy but it is not cleared on more etheric levels of your awareness, the discordant energies will re-generate.

That is why it is of extremely important to clear all energetic blockages from this and past lifetimes, incarnations and even parallel universes at the quantum level. When something is cleared at the quantum level it cannot re-generate, all the energy has gone back to the VOID and has become no-thing. Even the neural net connections in your brain related to the traumatic events are transmuted.


Ten years ago manifesting a higher loving and conscious relationship became the most important goal in my life. I spent 3 years doing intensive soul healing work plus I studied everything and anything I could find on relationship mastery.

I intuitively knew that I had to clear my past relationship karmic slate and raise my frequency so that I could vibrationally match the relationship of my dreams and make this vision a reality. Through this journey I discovered specific milestones that were paramount for the manifestation of a transcendental relationship.

In 2010 I finally met my beloved but the journey had only begun. Since then my beloved has been the greatest mirror, showing me a myriad of outdated belief systems, behaviors, attitudes and unresolved emotions that I had to unwind in order to evolve and continue to connect with her at deeper levels.

Today I am blessed to guide and assist others go through this relationship healing and manifestation process via the Ultimate Relationship Manifestation Training

No matter if you are single and looking to manifest the relationship of your dreams, or if you  are already in a relationship but want to take it to the next level of love, connection and passion, I can help you clear the energetic blockages that are keeping you in a relationship karmic loop.

And beyond clearing blockages, you will also learn and embody the principles that make a transcendental relationship. A relationship that has the right tools and resources to constantly grow, heal and evolve to higher levels of consciousness and union.

This training is designed to assist you in transcending a 3D relationship into a 5D relationship or beyond!


Gustavo Castañer


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