Karma is the way to awakening.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not creating karma that is the way rather it is processing and transmuting your karma that will lead to your awakening.

The tricky thing about it is that when karma gets activated within you and projected onto your holographic reality, it can be quite uncomfortable.

For this reason people tend to resist karma and avoid the situations and people that usually trigger a karmic response.

But you know what they say…whatever you resist, persists.

And when you resist karma, meaning you do anything and everything to distract yourself and not process the karma, it not only persists it gets stronger as the etheric charge solidifies within your auric field.

This leads to the typical scenario where a person’s shadow self and pain body come out full force after being dormant for a while, causing a lot of drama and sabotage.

The frequency of your karma will inevitably attract you to the people, places, times, things and event that resonate with it.

One of the most common karmic triggers is our family.

Ask yourself this, do you think this is the first time you have spent a lifetime with your current family members?

What does your intuition tell you?

It’s no secret that the majority of people are born into a family constellation mainly to resolve and heal past life karma.

Some people incarnate with what used to be some of their worst enemies from other lifetimes. However, they soon forget what they came here to do (due to blockages in the DNA) and instead of resolving the karmic ties they continue to create more.

And so they perpetuate the cycle and set themselves up for yet another lifetime of walking the same old family karma/drama.

Here are 3 signs that tell you if you still have family karma and are likely to keep reincarnating with the same relatives:

1) You hold grudges against one or more family members. Any bitterness or resentment that keeps you from forgiving the past will create a karmic contract between you and them.

2) You still feel guilty for something you did to a family member.

3) You still feel angry or hatred towards a family member.

This also applies to ex-spouses. That ex-husband or ex-wife you wish you had never met, as long as you have unresolved emotions and cords of attachments with them you will continue to encounter them in future lifetimes.

Right now you have the opportunity to finally stop this karmic loop and ascend to another future timeline that is more in line with your Higher Self.

There are much faster ways than to walk your karma, which can literally take dozens and sometimes even hundred of lifetimes.

If you are still being emotionally and mentally triggered by any of your family members then your work is NOT DONE.

And this “work” might appear daunting and even exhausting, but that is mainly because people associate working on their karma with walking their karma.

However, there is a more efficient and faster way to clear your karmic slate. After all, karmic imprints are made up of energy and any type of energy can be transmuted.

Imagine if you could energetically disengage and transmute layers and layers of family karma from this and other lifetimes. Think about the spiritual, emotional and mental freedom you would enjoy if you were at PEACE with all your family members.

The holidays are coming up and that means that you will most likely get together with your family members. How did that last family reunion go? 🙂

Imagine clearing the energetic blockages related to the SOURCE of the mental and emotional painful reactions that get triggered by your family members.

What if you could remain in a state of centeredness, peace and equanimity when meeting your family members the next time?

It’s possible. I’ve done it and so can you.

Start to clear your family karma today by watching the Cords of Attachment Training and Healing Session.


Looking forward to assisting you clear your karmic slate,

Gustavo Castañer


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