Create Your Own Soul Blueprint Mandala

"Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy." - Plato


In the realm of infinite probable futures, there exists a timeline where you have already embodied ALL the ideal qualities you dream of having and experiencing. What if you could transmute all the energy blockages that are preventing you from realizing this potential and energetically merge with the highest version of your probable future self?

What if you could encrypt a sacred geometric pattern or mandala that embodies the frequency of your highest self? This mandala would serve a frequency portal or roadmap that can guide you towards your full awakening.

Imagine having your most brilliant intents for health, relationships, abundance or even your soul mission transformed into a stunning sacred geometry mandala. Now imagine this energy mandala constantly radiating the frequency of your highest visions and programming them straight into your subconscious and super conscious minds.

This code would have your unique Soul Blueprint and its purpose would be to align all your levels of awareness so that you can embody your highest truth.

I am offering 8 people the opportunity to co-create with me a Soul Blueprint Harmonic Resonance Code.

Each person will provide the following information so that we can bring into manifestation a Harmonic Resonance Code that embodies their Soul Mission, their highest intents and aspirations:

1. Main intent to use the code
2. Eight desires, visions and/or goals
3. Recent photo
4. Date of birth


First we will meet via Skype to discuss your intent(s), desires and the creation of your code. During this consultation I’ll connect to your Higher Self and ask you specific questions to ascertain what are the highest priority blockages or challenges that have been preventing you from making these intents and higher visions a reality.

After we meet I will use the science of numerology to decode the divine meaning of your full name and compare this information to what my Higher Self gathered from our first meeting. The numerology assessment will also help me determine the geometric pattern your personalized code will have.

All of this data will give me a very clear picture of what energetic blockages should be cleared on your chakras, brain centers, DNA Template and auric field to provide a greater opening, balance and harmonization of these vital energy centers.

Before starting to design of your unique Soul Blueprint Harmonic Resonance Code I will connect to the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood to receive assistance in this creation process. If there is a specific Ascended Master that can offer further guidance to you then this will be shared inside your final Soul Blueprint Code report.

Finally I will proceed to work on creating your unique Soul Blueprint Harmonic Resonance Code. During this process I will be using the specific colors, ratios, numbers and sacred geometry symbols that will serve as a portal to infuse your intents into the code. Your Soul Blueprint Code will be encrypted with specific commands, energy directing techniques and other codes so that it can become an energy healing mandala.

And of course I will also be working directly with your Higher Self to program your code.


When you receive your Soul Blueprint Code you will be also receiving an activation protocol. This step by step guide will teach you how to unleash the frequencies of your code and use it to activate your chakras, brain centers and DNA Template. Every time the code is activated it will help you merge with your most brilliant ideal self and guide you to the people, places, times, things and events that will further help you embody the highest version of yourself.

Furthermore, the code will allow you to clear the energetic blockages like:

  1. Karmic imprints from this and previous lifetimes
  2. Soul fragments
  3. Negative thought-forms
  4. Epigenetic tags (imprints you picked up from your parents and ancestors)
  5. Unnatural implants
  6. Unresolved emotions
  7. Current life challenges

Your Soul Blueprint Code in unison with your Higher Self will determine the top priority blockages that are hindering your progress to embody your highest intents and witness them manifesting in this lifetime.

The Choice Is Yours

When creating a code you can choose to design a code that:

1) Will be only for your personal use. This is a very intimate code and should be used only on yourself.


2) You can choose to create a code that embodies your Soul's Mission to help others. This code can be used to work on yourself as well as on other people. What you will help heal, transmute or activate within yourself and others is up to you.

Everything You Get

"The underlying, primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasped only at the farthest reach of intuition, and then but very dimly. That is why it needs symbols." – Carl Jung

  • 1

    Private Consultation

    One of my greatest skills as an energy healer is to track the life force flow of your bio-energetic system and feel where there are blockages to this flow. Quite often, when I'm doing a session for someone else and I ask them what they would like to manifest, I can feel where the life force energy is blocked.
    During our meeting you will be sharing the main intent for your Soul Blueprint Code as well as the goals, dreams and visions you want to infuse your personal mandala with.
    As your are sharing this information I will be able to "see" and "feel" if you are in anyway limiting yourself or playing small. I will identify the energetic blockages that prevent you from embodying the part of your Higher Self that can manifest these goals and dreams.
    I will then use this information to encode your Soul Blueprint Code with specific energy transmutation frequencies so that you can use it as a tool to transcend your biggest limitations.

  • 2

    Soul Blueprint Report

    In addition to our consultation I will be using the science of numerology to decode the Divine meaning of your name and the numbers that are most advantageous for your spiritual evolution. These numbers will be used to design your Soul Blueprint Code geometric pattern.
    Based on the numbers your name and date of birth provide, along with the information I gathered via your Higher Self during our meeting, I will have plenty of relevant information that will tell me about your past, present and probable futures.
    I will use this information to create your code and give you some insights regarding your soul's journey.

  • 3

    Your Unique Harmonic Resonance Code

    Along with your report you will receive a high resolution PNG file of your Soul Blueprint Code. This is when you finally will get to see the geometric patterns, colors and numbers that make up your Sacred Geometry Mandala.
    Your Soul Blueprint Code will be one of a kind. As you look at the center of this mesmerizing energy mandala you will be looking through a portal and from the other side of this portal you will be able to feel a frequency transmission from your Higher Self.

  • 4

    Activation Protocol

    Looking at and meditation on your Soul Blueprint Code is only the beginning. I will also teach you how to connect to your Higher Self and direct the frequencies of your code.
    Following a detailed step by step protocol you will be able to command the code to activate specific energy centers like your chakras or command the code to clear energetic blockages in your auric field.
    The activation protocol will be the way you get to install this new soul upgrade into your bio-energetic system and DNA Template.

The Harmonic Resonance Code Advantage

"Sacred Geometry charts the unfolding of number in space. It differs from mundane geometry purely in the sense that the moves and concepts involved are regarded as having symbolic value, and thus, like good music, facilitate the evolution of the soul." - Randall Carlson

Your Higher Self communicates mainly through symbols and codes. When your intent is encrypted using colors, geometry, numbers and vibrations it magnifies its effect. Think of it as making a higher dimensional vision board and affirmation mantra that you can directly program in your subconscious and superconscious minds (bypassing and even transmuting any limiting beliefs).

You'll learn how to activate your code on your chakras, brain centers and DNA Template so that your intent becomes encoded in your auric field. You will be walking around constantly emanating the highest frequency of your intent(s) until they are projected onto your holographic reality. This frequency will attract you in Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Order to the people, places, times, things and events that resonate with the frequency of your intent.

The code will also have the ability to transmute any energetic blockage preventing you from manifesting your higher desires and assist you in embodying the state of consciousness/vibration that will lead to its manifestation.



  • One Soul Blueprint Harmonic Resonance Code
  • Soul Blueprint Code written report
  • 30 minute private consultation
  • Code Activation Protocol
  • Personalized Affirmations
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  • One Soul Blueprint Harmonic Resonance Code
  • One Soul Mission Harmonic Resonance Code
  • A written report for each code
  • 1 Hour Private Consultation
  • Personalized Affirmations
  • Activation Protocol for Each Code
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Two Codes for $2,222


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of information do you need to create my code?

A: I will need a recent photo, your full name (as it appears on your birth certificate) and date of birth, the main intent for the code and 11 goals/visions/desires you wish for the code to be encrypted with.

Q: How long will it take to create my Soul Blueprint Code?

A:  It will take me around 3 to 4 weeks to create your code.

Q: Why is this offer limited to 8 people?

A:  In order to be able to deliver the codes within 3-4 weeks I can only design 8 Soul Blueprint Codes. It takes a lot of time and effort to design such a code and all that comes with the code.

Q: For how long will this offer be available?

A:  I only work on creating 8 codes at a time. Once these codes are finished then I'll open the registration again. On November 11, 2017 the registration was opened again and there is currently 4 codes available (3 people were on a waiting list).

Q: Can you give a more detailed explanation between a Soul Blueprint Code and a Soul Mission Blueprint Code?

A:  Yes. The Personal Soul Blueprint Code is an energy mandala that is mainly created to work on yourself. This code is encrypted with your personal dreams, visions and goals, for that reason the code is specifically tailored to work on your needs.

On the other hand, the Soul Mission Blueprint Code is an energy mandala that can also be used to help other people with a specific issue. For example, let's say that you would like to create a code to help others heal from heartbreak or self doubt. Maybe you would like to create a code to help people find their soul's purpose. This code will have a universal energy frequency that will adapt to anyone who interacts with the code.

And even though you will activate this code on yourself, chances are you will mainly become a facilitator by activating the code on other people. This is exactly what I did when I created a code to help myself and others manifest an Ascended Relationship.

So if you have a strong sense of having a Soul Mission here on earth, then the Soul Mission Blueprint Code is a great option to help you fulfill the Great Work you have chose to do here.

Q: I would like to order the Soul Mission Blueprint Code, how do I do that?

A:  Simply place an order for a Soul Blueprint Code and when you send me your information (your intent) please specify that this is for a Soul Mission Blueprint Code.

Q: What are the Harmonic Resonance Codes?

A:  The Harmonic Resonance Codes are energy mandalas that have been encoded with the intent to ascend and expand human consciousness, heal dis-ease, bring about inner fluidity and harmony while restoring the Original Divine Blueprint of the human experience as a game of consciousness.

The codes are here to re-mind us of our true divine nature of Oneness. With their vibration of sound and light they intelligently interact with our bio-energetic circulatory system, unwinding our inner resistances, transmuting energetic blockages and opening us to greater feelings of the totality of who we are.

The Harmonic Resonance Codes transport us through the realms of wonder and into the unknown, beyond our imposed beliefs and limitations. They contain the perfect balance of Yin and Yang energies, although the Yin quality of the codes is what invites our awareness to experience what we already are instead of striving to become something we think we are not.

In essence, this is how the Harmonic Resonance Codes support us in the embodiment of our Higher Self and its multidimensional awareness. Through a deep yet gentle visceral and kinesthetic experience the codes assist us to feel our Higher Self and organically become more present. This process of sensing the subtle energies that flow through our bio-energetic system, or that block the flow, with practice drastically increase our higher-sensory acuity.

With the help of the Harmonic Resonance Codes, every illusory limitation or trigger becomes a viewpoint and an opportunity for greater openness, healing and transcendence of that which we are holding or resisting. They help us enter a space of dynamic energy flow that stimulates vast sensations in our bodies.

As we unwind and process unresolved emotions our inner reality becomes more fluid and dynamic. This inner state of fluidity is then projected onto our holographic reality and the physical universe becomes a playground without limitations as to what we can experience.

Q: How are the Harmonic Resonance Codes created?

A:  The Harmonic Resonance Codes have always existed. Here in the 3D the codes enter my awareness as a download from the Universal Mind where I get to "see" and feel a particular code. At first what I feel is mainly its intent, it could be to transmute a blockage, re-mind our divinity, activate a specific energy center, etc.

Once I feel its main intent then I proceed to write it down and/or draw it. During this process I continue to receive downloads on how to bring about the intent of the code as a visual representation here in the 3D. Depending on the intent of the code I select specific numbers, ratios, points, angles and colors.

Through a non linear process I combine my inner visions and feelings with symbols, sounds, prayers and energy directing techniques to be encrypted onto the sacred geometric visual. When the code is "complete" it emanates a specific vibration and leads those who are open into an altered state of consciousness.

This process can take weeks or even months. Sometimes I'll dream of the codes or during meditation I'll receive a download to add something new to the code.

Your Soul Blueprint Harmonic Resonance Code has also always existed and what we are going to do is translate its frequencies into the 3D realm, so they can serve as a portal for your Incarnate Identity to ascend in consciousness.

Q: How do the Harmonic Resonance Codes work?

A:  Not only does each code have a visual representation but each one is a harmonic and it emits a unique sound/vibration. Through energy directing techniques we can let the sound/vibration of the code enter the body. The harmonic then reverberates through and saturates every cell.

This frequency is what activates the DNA and expels the energetic dross out of your field. The impurities that are transmuted can be anything from karmic imprints, soul fragments, auric attachments, unresolved emotions, discordant thought-forms and other blockages.

This process causes a re-arrangement of the energetic particles that make up your bio-energetic field into a more harmonious grid, causing the life force energy to flow more openly and dynamically.

If you were to think of everything made out of energy and containing a specific frequency, then energetic blockages have a specific low frequency pattern. The Harmonic Resonance Codes on the other hand have a highly harmonious frequency pattern.

When we expose the low frequency blockages to the frequency of the codes, through the Law of Frequency Resonance, the low frequency will automatically try to match the high harmonious frequency of the codes. This is what causes an alchemical transmutation of the blockages to take place, thus through intent and sound we bring back the energy blocks to their Original Divine Essence of infinite consciousness.