If you don’t know what your soul purpose is or how to fulfill it, then this signals that you are not effectively connected to your Soul Identity or Soul Matrix.

Not being connected to your Soul Identity prevents you from effectively communicating with your Higher Self.

The Soul Identity is the part of you stationed in dimensions 4-6 and holds the key to your Superconscious Mind. The Superconscious Mind represents the portion of your personal identity that holds the awareness of “who I was before I came here” and why you, as a consciousness, chose this particular incarnation.

Your Soul Matrix holds all the information about:

  1. Who you truly are
  2. Why are you here
  3. What your soul’s purpose is and how to fulfill your soul mission.

However, your Incarnate Identity or your Ego (you in dimensions 1-3) has free will and can choose to override the electric impulses or guidance sent to it by the Soul Matrix.

But the highest evolution and greatest fulfillment of your Ego comes from following the directives and guidance of the Soul Identity and its Superconscious mind.

When you follow the guidance of your Soul Identity and make choices in line with your Soul Matrix you continuously embody this part of your Higher Self. This process is what ultimately allows the Ego to merge with the Soul Identity.

How can your Ego effectively communicate with your Soul Identity and follow its guidance?

The truth is that your Soul Identity is constantly trying to communicate with you and guide you by sending you energy impulses through various means.

Some of these energy impulses can happen through intuition, synchronicities, feelings, dreams or your heart’s intelligence, just to name a few.

However, our society has conditioned us to solely rely on logic and make most of our decisions following our analytical mind. This imbalance and overpower of the reasoning mind prevents access to the Superconscious mind and the ability to process and interpret the communication and guidance from the Soul Identity.

Why is the Soul Identity and Superconscious mind so important and what are its functions?

The key functions of the Superconscious Mind or your Soul Matrix – are:

  1. Serves as the creative intelligence behind the manifestation of individual identities and experiential events in dimensions 1-3.  What this means is that your Soul Identity creates all the possible experiences that you can have here in the 3D, for this and all lifetimes.
  2. The Soul Matrix holds the evolutionary blueprint and memory for your Ego and serves to guide this current incarnation to its highest evolution through information communicated via electrical impulses sent into the body through the Instinctual Mind (the emotional body).
  3. The Superconscious Mind represents the creative and organizational component of mind through which the individual identity is imbued with purpose, intention, motivation and the literal life-force energy through which the Ego (physical, emotional and mental) body is sustained.

What happens if I don’t connect to my Soul Identity and follow its guidance?

When you fail to connect to your Soul Identity and ignore its guidance you will allow your Ego to fully dictate your destiny.

The Ego is a very important part of who you are but it’s not the totality of who you are. You are not meant to live your entire life making decisions based only on your Ego consciousness.

In ancient times when the DNA was working properly people would start to access and integrate their Soul Identity and Superconscious mind by the age of 12. And by the age of 22 the person would have fully embodied their Soul Identity.

That’s right, by the age of 22 you were supposed to know exactly what your soul purpose is, why you incarnated on Earth and what you needed to do to fulfill your mission.

However, most humans stay phased locked in their Ego consciousness, having only access to their physical, emotional and mental bodies and very limited access to their Higher Self.

This is why so many people feel lost and they end up doing what their families and society expect them to do. Often this means following a path that was designed by other people.

Eventually the Ego starts making decisions that are not aligned with the Higher Self and creates karmic imprints that further block the connection with the Higher Self and cause pain and suffering.

Not knowing or fulfilling your soul’s purpose can cause depression, anxiety and confusion. One of the main reasons people continue to incarnate on earth and fail to ascend is because they keep coming back to finally fulfill their soul purpose.

Fulfilling your soul purpose is one of the most important things you can do for your ascension process.

How can I connect to my Soul Identity, access my Superconscious mind, communicate with my Higher Self and fulfill my soul purpose?

The first step to connect to your Soul Identity and start to access your Superconscious mind is to remove blockages on DNA strands 4, 5 and 6.

The next step would be to activate these strands from their current dormant state. This process would begin to give you access to your astral mind, archetypal mind and the angelic mind.

This process would start the process of Soul Identity light accretion, where you progressively embody the frequency bands of dimension 4, 5 and 6.

And because you DNA is connected to your chakra system, that means that chakras 4-6 would begin to be more open, balanced and harmonized.

However, you can be even more specific and activate the chakras and DNA for specific abilities and sensory acuity.

Abilities and skills that would heighten, strengthen and deepen the conscious communication and guidance from your Higher Self.

One crucial aspect to effective Higher Self communication is clarity of perception and interpretation. Your Higher Self is ALWAYS communicating and guiding you, but if you fail to correctly interpret and decipher these communication then you will miss out on messages that would certainly change your life.

Are you ready to master the communication with your Soul Matrix? Are you ready to align with a stream of divine guidance?

Next Sunday December 10 at 3pm Eastern Time I will be hosting the Soul Matrix Guidance & Soul Purpose Realization Webinar.

Here are some of the activations that we will be doing during the Soul Matrix Guidance & Purpose Realization Webinar:
1. DNA Blockage Removal
2. DNA Activation of strands 4-6
3. Heart Wisdom Compass Activation
4. Telepathic Communication With Sentient Beings Resonance Code
5. Higher Intuition Compass Activation Resonance Code
6. Clairvoyant Siddhi Activation Resonance Code
7. Synchronicity Awareness Activation Harmonic Resonance Code
8. Divine Mother Love Infusion Harmonic Resonance Code
9. Lotus God-Mind Self Doubt Breakthrough HR Code
10. Remembering Divine True Nature Activation
11. Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Order Activation
12 Akashic Wisdom Realization Harmonic Resonance Code

During this training you will also learn the different levels of your soul purpose and how to fulfill each level.

This training will help you tune into the guidance from your Soul Identity and live a life of constant communication with your Higher Self.

My intent for this training is to help you get ready for 2018 so that you can co-create the BEST year of your life. A year that will forever change your probable future timeline and set you off to a BRILLIANT path.

Imagine what your life would be like if you followed your Higher Self’s guidance. A life filled with epic relationships, purpose, spiritual mastery, abundance and infinite possibilities.

The webinar will be about 2 hours long and you’ll get 60 days to access the recording. This means that you will be able to perform the clearings and activations as many times as you like. Each time you’ll go deeper and connect more to your Soul Matrix.

The investment is for the live webinar and recording $297 ($247 for In-Light-Ment members*).

Click on the button below to register:

Looking forward to connecting with you at the Soul Matrix Level!

Gustavo Castañer
Founder of Ascended Relationships
& In-Light-Ment

*If you are a member of In-Light-Ment please access the members area to find the discount link.

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