The misinformation and deceptions about ascension on the internet are ubiquitous. Unfortunately most of the so called “experts” on ascension genuinely believe what they are teaching about ascension.

However, most of it is fear based.

In this blogpost I will expose some of the biggest lies and misconceptions about ascension…some of which I used to believe myself.

The Truth About Ascension

Ascension, like any other experience or event can only happen in the NOW. There is absolutely no-thing that can happen outside of the present moment.

Despite this fact, many so called “experts” keep expecting ascension to “occur” in a non-existent future.

First, it was December 21, 2012 and now is December 21, 2017. Fortunately we are only a few weeks away from 12/21/2017 and once again we will see that pretty much nothing will happen.

At least not as they expect it to occur. Don’t get me wrong, many of these dates and years are indeed very significant in terms of frequency infusions for the planet during the current ascension cycle (to read more about frequency infusions please read my blog post titled Earth’s Ascension & The Current State of The World).

But regardless of when this “massive” ascension occurs, where we will experience a new higher dimensional reality here on Earth or somewhere else…the fact that this probable future will happen in the future-NOW means that you can only experience ascension in the present moment.

And the way you prepare for such an event is by ascending your consciousness right now! There are many ways to do this, for example: letting go of outdated belief systems, doing healing work, activating your DNA, meditating and acting in integrity with your Higher Self.

Doom and Gloom

Furthermore, some of them are saying that not everyone will ascend and many people will go to what is called a Phantom Earth.

First of all, they are CO-CREATING this fear based reality.

Second of all, if the One-Source-God is omnipresent and everything is a manifestation of this divine consciousness then there is no place or state of consciousness that would be impossible to ascend from.

Even if this so called Phantom Earth were to be real, it would still be a manifestation of Source and connected to Source. Therefor you will always have a way to ascend.

These are all fear and scarcity tactics intended for control and manipulation. Does anything else remind you of this?


That’s right, many of these ascension gurus and prophets who claim to not be religious are making a religion about the ascension process.

“Do what I say and you will be saved.”

Many claim to know the ONLY path to salvation…sorry I mean to say ascension 😉

Think about it, what does this Phantom Earth sound like…sounds to me like the good old christian hell, right? A place you will be trapped in with “non-evolved” beings sucking on your energy for eternity.

The truth is that ENLIGHTENMENT doesn’t care how you get there. There are infinite paths to the ONE.

Some paths may be longer and others may be faster but there are many ways to ascend.

I practice DNA Activation and I love it. But do I think that DNA Activation is the ONLY WAY…nope. I’ve met incredible advanced spiritual people who had never heard of DNA Activation and I guarantee you that they are embodying the frequencies of ascension.

The Biggest Blidspot

Then I hear some ascension teachers say “I don’t know about you but I want to ascend so that I can get out of this low frequency Earth.”

Essentially they don’t want to be here because apparently Earth is not a very evolved place.

I do get where they are coming from, that is if you focus on the shared mass consciousness where hatred, violence, scarcity, etc. are rampant.

That being said, I invite you to ponder on the following. If you want to ascend because you can’t stand being on Earth, isn’t this a belief that somewhere else will be “better”?

But if you do get to go somewhere else, I got news for you…you will get there with the same mind and state of consciousness you have here. Therefor there will always be a “better” place to be in as long as you believe that it is a place that will give you what you are looking for.

The truth is that it is absolutely possible to live in a state of absolute bliss and wonder HERE and NOW.

This is what ascension is all about. It is not about transcending the body but bringing transcendence INTO the body. This is how you truly ascend in consciousness, by experiencing it within you regardless of “where” you are. Consider the principles of a holographic universe and non-locality, everywhere is the center of the uni-verse and every-thing is connected.

The fact that you are here on Earth right now is the part of the ultimate reality and Divine Plan. If you are in resistance to that then you have already found yourself in hell or the Phantom Earth, whatever you want to call it.

The inner resistance to being here on Earth is a sign of an unresolved emotion and a belief that in order to find true happiness you need to escape your current reality.

Know this, you can access SOURCE and the VOID from anywhere/anytime, including right here on Earth.

And as long as you want to ascend because the place you will go to will be better, then you will be missing out on the present moment that is miraculously unfolding in front of you and within you.

The Chosen ONES

And finally let’s talk about the belief that there is a group of “chosen” ones that will ascend or a group of chosen ones that will make ascension happen.

This is just another tactic that target people with a high need for feeling special or unique. We all have this need, some more than others. But whenever we think we are more spiritual, more conscious and more evolved than other people and therefor more deserving of the ticket to ascension, we are trapped in an Ego trip.

There isn’t a group of people that were selected by God.

You are an individuation of the ONE/Source/God, so is everyone else. The moment that you consciously CHOOSE to embody your Higher Self and to ascend in consciousness you have become a CHOSEN ONE.

And now every moment becomes an opportunity to re-affirm that choice and progressively embody the ONE:

  • Through healing
  • Changing and raising your frequency
  • Letting go of outdated belief systems
  • Assisting others
  • Co-creating a more connected world
  • Making amends

Ascension is a never ending conscious choice and action in the present moment that is unfolding through you.


Gustavo Castañer