Back in 2006 I was desperately trying to end a relationship and move on, but despite numerous attempts there was a invisible force that kept me stuck in that relationship.

I knew I had to heal something, I knew it was deep, but little did I know that it was guilt.

Beyond The Rational Mind

At the time I was doing a masters degree in psychology and the main reason behind this was to try to understand the human psyche, my psyche and hopefully be able to heal my pain, end my suffering and find peace. It took very little time for me to realize that psychology would only uncover the tip of the iceberg.

I intuitively knew there was a spiritual and energetic force responsible for my life and relationship dilemmas. Talking about my issues or understanding them wasn’t enough. My Higher Self kept guiding me until I discovered a way to permanently unwind and transmute the energetic blockages related to the SOURCE of the issues that were causing deep distress, suffering and pain.

One of the biggest energetic blockages that was hindering my happiness and self love was guilt. Actually I later found out through my Higher Self that guilt was the primary connecting force that kept me in the karmic relationship I had back then.

Now that I was accessing information from my Higher Self and going beyond my rational mind I was uncovering the Source of these invisible entanglements. And the unconscious guilt I was carrying would become one of the greatest entry points for growth and light accretion.

Layers of Guilt

This included the guilt that I had inherited from my parents the guilt that had been implanted by religion and the guilt that I had carried for multiple lifetimes like a backpack full of rocks.

What surprised me was that in comparison to my own guilt, the guilt I had inherited was far more than my own. I was carrying a baggage of guilt that did not belong to me, I was walking my parents and ancestors karma.

I remember that energy healing session where I cleared soul fragments and karmic imprints related to guilt like it was today. A huge vortex of energy began spiraling off from my heart chakra as tears rolled down my face. My body was slightly shaking and vibrating, once the clearing went quantum (cleared from the last levels of my auric field) I felt an indescribable state of lightness.

After the session I finally was able to bring closure to the karmic relationship I had been trying to complete for almost a year. I felt different, I didn’t feel guilty about breaking up with her and most amazing of all I had become immune to her manipulation strategies. It was finally over!

Guilt is the greatest blockage there is to self-love and joy. As well it the second lowest frequency energetic blockages there is, the first one being shame.

Shadow Self Archetypes Related To Guilt

Later on during my healing journey I learned about a shadow self persona called The Compassionate People Persona. Often people who have this persona will have unresolved guilt from previous lifetimes. And because they feel guilty they will try to help other people in an attempt to get rid of their own guilt. The problem is that this guilt makes them an easy prey for victims.

Victims tend to point the finger of blame at everyone else except themselves, blaming everyone for why they are unhappy and for all their faults. People identified with the Professional Victim Archetype do not take responsibility for their own happiness, all they do is blame, blame, blame. They believe that the responsibility for their happiness is owed to them by other people.

Victims often find compassionate people and then blame them because they are not happy. But even compassionate people will eventually turn into tyrants in order to get rid off the victim, resulting in very painful and dramatic breakups when it comes to romantic relationships.

Compassionate people are often emotionally addicted to the need to be needed. On the other hand victims are often emotionally addicted to pity.

These polar opposites attract each other, compassionate people need to help, fix and heal someone in order to get rid of their guilt and victims need to blame someone because they are not happy/healed.

Victims love to be with people who feel guilty because they are very easy to manipulate!

Have someone in your life who is constantly telling you “It’s your fault!”? This is a classic statement victims use to try to make others feel guilty.

If you are in a relationship with someone (this includes family members) who is constantly blaming you for their unhappiness and you feel guilty that you can’t help them then it is time to permanently and completely clear the energetic blockages related to the source of your guilt. These energetic blockages are usually composed of soul fragments, karmic imprints, past analogical experiences and shadow self archetypes.

The second step is to become truly compassionate. There is a big difference between TRUE COMPASSION and emotional neediness. Sometimes true compassion requires us to tell victims that we will not accept their guilt anymore and ask them to leave. This is compassion because it encourages the victim to become independent and look for other ways to responsibly connect with other people.

What other ways have you found to transcend the frequency and dynamics related to guilt? Please let me know on the comments below.


P.S.: A new session to clear guilt and shame has been added inside
the In-Light-Ment 2.0 members area. The session contains 3 different
energy clearings/activations and was recorded using the 396hz Solfeggio
​​​​​​​frequencies which help transmute guilt.

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      Lawd! If this blog post didn’t come right on time for what I need in my life. I asked for help with my current issues and here is the answer a few days later. I am happy to say that I am an Enlightment member and will be taking advantage of the new energetic clearings added. I need them! Thanks so much for sharing!

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