Chances are that you’ve probably heard of channeling.

Channeling is a process in which the spirit essence of a disembodied individual or collective temporarily enters the physical body, bio-energetic field and consciousness of an incarnate human in order to communicate in the human world.

Recently I spent a month in Japan (where channeling is very popular) to facilitate a series of workshops and 36 private sessions.

During my energy healing sessions I noticed that some people who practiced channeling were channeling entities that were pretending to be someone or something else.

Not only that but these entities that were being channeled, even thought they came from a higher dimension, were not necessarily more evolved that the person who was channeling them.

Fake Channeling Messages

If you browse the internet there are tons of people claiming to be channeling Archangel Michael, St. Germaine and other “ascended masters”.

But if you pay close attention to the messages being channeled almost all of them seem to be very generic…

Sometimes the messages that supposedly come from the same entity but different channelers contradict themselves or have a very different vibratory feel to them.

The reason for this is simple, 99.9% of these channelers are not channeling who they think they are channeling.

They are channeling discarnates (more on this later).

Why An Ascended Master Would Never Agree To Be Channeled

A true ascended master would never agree to be channeled by a human is because:

1) 99.9% humans could not possibly accrete or hold the light/frequency of an ascended master.

2) The ascended master and the human channeler are likely to have different DNA Templates.

How The DNA Affects Channeling

Most humans have a 12 strand DNA template, which gives them the potential to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness.

However, the reason most humans are phased locked in their Ego consciousness (physical, emotional and mental bodies) is because they have blockages on their 4th strand of DNA.

The 4th strand of DNA corresponds to:

1) The first level of your Higher Self and Soul Identity

2) Your heart chakra

3) Your astral mind

In order for someone to channel a 12th dimensional being (someone like St. Germaine) they would need to have all 12 strands of DNA activated and have the same DNA Template. An ascended master like St. Germaine most likely has a 48 strand DNA template which is quite rare here on Earth.

Less than a 1,000 people have a 48 strand DNA template on Earth right now.

If an Ascended Master was to come into someone’s body who only had 3.5 strands of DNA activated, the light accretion would be so intense that it would shatter the human channeler’s DNA template.

The process of channeling most often causes biological damage to the human DNA that can severely interfere with the individual’s biological and spiritual evolution; in this regard channeling is considered very “risky.”

In fact channeling is considered by Avatar beings (beings from dimensions 10-12) as an unsafe and unreliable method of inter-dimensional communication. The main reason being that the karmic buildup from the channeler can be transferred to the entity being channeled and vice versa.

How To Correctly and Safely Perform Channeling

If you ever decide to channel a higher dimensional consciousness then channel your own Higher Self!

You have an 12th dimensional ascended master self. But in order to channel this part of your Higher Self you must activate at least 10 strands of DNA in order to access the first level of your Avatar Self and the corresponding christ consciousness.

And since you share the same DNA template with your Higher Self then you won’t pick up foreign karmic imprints.

How Your DNA Activation Level Determines The Part of Your Higher Self You Can Channel

Your level of DNA Activation will determine what part of your Higher Self you can channel. Usually people who begin to practice channeling can only channel their Soul Identity, the part of them in dimensions 4-6 due to their current level of DNA activation (3.5 strands).

+ SOUL IDENTITY – you in dimensions 4-6

– You need to activate strands 4, 5 and 6 to successfully channel your Soul Identity

+ OVERSOUL IDENTITY – you in dimensions 7-9

– You need to activate strands 7, 8 and 9 to successfully channel your Over-Soul Identity

+ AVATAR IDENTITY – you in dimensions 10-12

– You need to activate strands 10, 11 and 12 to successfully channel your Avatar Identity

The more DNA you activate, the higher dimensional frequency bands and levels of consciousness you can accrete into your body.

Channeling Discarnates

Due to DNA blockages and unnatural implants most humans have only 3.5 DNA strands activated. This gives them full access to their Incarnate identity (dimension 1-3) and limited access to their astral mind (dimension 4).

When a channeler sets the intent to channel an entity that is not their Higher Self they will most likely attract a discarnate.

Discarnates are beings who have died but haven’t gone through the tunnel of light and experienced a life review.

For this reason discarnates are stuck in the astral realm or the 4th dimension. Usually they are still extremely attached to emotions and experiences they had while they were incarnated on Earth.

The problem is that discarnates don’t have a physical body but they want to attach to a physical body in order to keep experiencing the 3D reality.

Channelers can become easy prey for discarnates because of their willingness to open their bio-energetic system to receive communication.

Discarnates take advantage of this situation and will often pretend to be ascended masters, angelic beings and other higher dimensional entities so that the channeler will allow them to enter their energy field.

The reality is that discarnates are beings stuck in the 4th dimension because of their 3 dimensional attachments and karma. They are usually not very evolved beings and they tend to cause more harm than good.

What You Need To Do If You Practice Channeling

If you have done channeling without specifically intending to channel your Higher Self then you must clear all auric attachments and karmic ties to all the entities you have channeled.

Then clear any foreign karmic buildup you may have picked up during your channeling sessions.

The next step is to activate your DNA so that you can progressively channel higher frequency levels of your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is the most reliable source of guidance and healing for your spiritual evolution.

You have more than a thousand versions of yourself located in different space-time locations, including the higher realms. Most of them will look very alien like because these parts of yourself are indeed extra-terrestrial and ultra-terrestrials.

How Do I Activate My DNA?

If you don’t know how to activate your DNA you can have someone else perform a DNA Activation for you.

Just be aware that many people who practice DNA Activation will say that they can activate all 12 strands ore more of DNA in just one session.

This is a lie. No one can activate all 12 strands of DNA at once.

In ancient times when DNA Activation occurred naturally it would take a human 33 years to start accessing their Avatar Self and 44 years to activate all 12 strands of DNA.

This is the main reason why I prefer to teach people how to activate their own DNA so that they can perform as many DNA Activation sessions on themselves and never have to depend on someone else.

Another option I have created with the intent to allow people to continue to activate their DNA as many times as they like and continue to progressively embody their Higher Self is In-Light-Ment 2.0

This lifetime membership gives you unlimited access to Auric Clearings, Karma Removals, DNA Activations and much more.

How Do I Know I’m Channeling My Higher Self?

Your intent is the key. Here is an intent you can use prior to a channeling session:

Say to yourself: “Connecting to my Higher Self.”

Then state the following intent:

“It is commanded in the name of Divine Love that I channel the highest level possible of my Higher Self to receive the best guidance/healing for myself.”

The people that I’ve worked with that consciously or intuitively are channeling their Higher Self tend to have great auric field integrity.

Furthermore, the guidance that they receive is spot on. Discarnates on the other hand will give guidance that results in a mix of positive and negative outcomes.

With the positive outcomes the discarnates keep the person hooked and with the negative outcomes they feed from the negative emotional discharge the human experiences.

Can I Communicate With Levels of My Higher Self That I Cannot Yet Embody?

Yes. Telepathy is a great way to communicate with the highest levels of your Higher Self. Telepathic communication is much safer and effective than channeling when it comes to communicating with your Higher Self or any other beings.

If you want to develop your telepathic skills a great way to do this is by practicing with animals, especially dogs. Try sending them messages using images and emotions rather than words.

Another very effective way to activate your dormant telepathic abilities is DNA activation. Your 5th strand of DNA is connected to your throat chakra (communication center) and archetypal mind. Your 6th strand of DNA is connected to your 3rd eye chakra and your angelic mind.

When these chakras and their corresponding strands of DNA are open, balanced and harmonized a person will experience higher sensory acuity.

Remember, the best thing you can do is to become as clear as possible and progressively embody your Higher Self. This is the key to true empowerment and sovereignty.

Much love,

Gustavo Castañer

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