Have you ever read the following quote about enlightenment from Ram Dass?

“If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”

Your family and how you feel about them is one of the best ways to measure your spiritual evolution and how close you are to realizing your enlightenment.

Recently I spent more than two months with my family. It’s been 5 years since I moved thousands of miles away from my relatives. First I moved to the Pacific Northwest, then to China and currently I’m living in Spain.

Being centered and at peace is WAY easier when you are away from the family.

Painting by Vrindavan Das

Time after time, after months or years without seeing my parents and doing tons of spiritual/emotional/mental work I thought to myself….

“I feel like I’m on the verge of self-realization, everything is flowing.”

And then I would go spend a couple of days with my family and BOOM I would have another stressful emotional reaction that was flooded with unpleasant thoughts. That karmic loop I thought I had finally transcended had yet another deep layer that I had not yet fully processed.

Every single one of these experiences became another humbling experience and an opportunity for growth. Although I have to admit that for a long time I tended to meet these blessings in disguise with a lot of resistance.

Something Shifted

However this time around while spending time with my family something monumental happened.

Being in the presence of my parents I witnessed myself getting triggered, often times I would remain in the witness consciousness noticing, clearing, processing and unwinding my re-actions and resistances.

Then one day I was with my wife and my mom in Costco. I don’t remember exactly why I got triggered by these two beautiful souls but there I was in Costco processing and unwinding the negative emotions and thoughts that were unfolding through my being.

All of the sudden my crown chakra starts to open. Yep, right there in the middle of Costco I was having a transcendental spiritual awakening.

I continued shopping while my energetic body was opening and vibrating. The experience itself only lasted less than 20 minutes but the effects were profound.

Anyway, during the first couple of weeks I kept utilizing my energy healing tools and resources to clear the energetic blockages and unwind discordant emotions that were mainly being triggered by my relatives.

Some were minor and almost insignificant and while others were more unsettling in nature.

After a while I started to have what I call sneak peeks to enlightenment where I would experience a deep sense of presence, joy and wonder out of the blue.

One time it happened while I was getting out the car at a parking lot and happened to look at the sky. It was like time vanished and the scene in front of me was full of vivid colors, sounds and textures.

Once again my entire body was buzzing with a strong yet gentle blissful current of energy as I looked in awe to the universe unfolding within and without.

That particular experience was totally spontaneous, I had not been processing or working on myself energetically that day, but deep down I felt/knew it was connected to all the energy work I had been doing with my family.

Seeing Things Anew

A more direct result of processing and unwinding these familial issues was being able to see my parents with “new” eyes. Even though they haven’t “changed” I was able to see more of their essence and felt my heart chakra opening in their presence.

It was like re-membering the love I felt towards them when I was a child.

The point to this whole story is that family drama and the pain it causes is an issue for everyone on this planet. Can you see and feel how you still get triggered by your parents or other relatives?

Even if you live thousands of miles away from your loved ones or even if your parents have passed away, you might still be getting triggered by the unresolved thoughts and emotions that are associated to them.

This is because these thoughts and emotions are encoded within various forms of energetic blockages that are located throughout your bio-energetic system.

And because these energetic blockages have not been fully processed they will become activated and projected onto your holographic reality, causing drama and sabotaging your inner peace.

What I realized is that family triggered issues are one of the biggest entry points for awakening, enlightenment, self-realization, light accretion and expansion that one can have.

And if you know how to use these triggers to your advantage they can tremendously expedite your spiritual progress. If embodying your Higher Self is something you would like to experience in this lifetime then it’s imperative that you transmute your family’s karmic slate, plain and simple.

If you avoid or resist healing these family issues at their core, true spiritual awakening and inner peace will elude you.

Experiencing Freedom and Getting Closer To Enlightenment

I don’t know about you but for what seemed like an eternity I struggled with freeing myself from my familial karmic imprint.

I spent years of reading books, attending workshops and practicing different energy healing techniques to permanently heal the pain that originated from my family constellation.

Your parents are responsible for all your problems. You are responsible for all the solutions.” – Byron Katie

If you feel that the unresolved issues that you have with your family are robbing you of your happiness, inner peace and spiritual enlightenment then I would like to share with you what has worked for me and has resulted as one of the greatest spiritual breakthroughs of my life.

One of the most sabotaging energy blockages that causes unnecessary family drama are cords of attachment. Cords of attachments are energy structures that connect you with other people and keep unresolved emotional issues from the past alive.

Cords of attachments are often the culprit when there is a reoccurring discordant dynamic within the family system. These cords keep people stuck in a karmic loop, re-playing the same dynamic over and over again.

If you would like to know the minute details about cords of attachments and experience a FREE cords of attachment clearing with your family members and other relationships then enter your email address below to watch the video training and healing session.



When you clear cords of attachments with your family members this can only benefit the relationship. Cutting these cords is the first step to clarity and freedom.

Looking forward to helping you clear cords of attachments,

Gustavo Castañer

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