Have you ever asked yourself what exactly is your Higher Self? Or “where” is your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is the part of YOU that resides in dimensions 4 and up. In order to understand what your Higher Self is of vital importance that you understand what the process of spiritual evolution is all about. And in order to fully understand the concept of evolution first you must be familiar with the term involution.

While evolution is going back “up” the multidimensional scale from the “lower” dimensions back to Source, involution is the process where Source individuates ITSELF in order to experience itself. “Before” anything came into manifestation Source existed only as the Void, it knew it was everything yet Source desire to have the EXPERIENCE of everything.

The Individuation of Source

And so Source intended to individuate Herself. You can think of this as a huge beam of light that separates itself as two beams of light and then each beam of light divides itself over and over again through infinity, yet all beams of light are within this ONE beam of light that is Source.

Everything in existence comes from SOURCE. Since ancient times and across all spiritual traditions the wisdom that we are al ONE has been ubiquitous. But why do we see and experience each other as separate manifestations?

Source intended this to be so in order to have the experience of separation and for this to work Source gave It’s individuations the gift of FREE WILL so that each individuation could experience itself as a creator of reality.

The Current State of Humanity and Our Evolutionary Potential

Right now most of humanity is phased locked in dimensions 1-3 which correspond to what is know as your Incarnate Identity. The Incarnate Identity or the Ego corresponds to our first 3 chakras and the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

However humans were not designed to spend an entire lifetime only being aware of their Incarnate Identity, instead we were originally designed to naturally and organically activate the corresponding strands of DNA that would allow us to access higher aspects of ourselves as we aged.

From age 0-12 we were supposed to fully embody our Incarnate self. Then from age 12-22 humans were design to activate strands 4-6 and access their Soul’s Identity. By the age of 22 we were supposed to fully embody our Soul’s purpose and have access to past lifetimes, know our Soul family and know exactly what our Divine Purpose was.

I don’t know about you but at age 22 I did not embody my Soul’s purpose, most of humanity haven’t been able to do this even after 50 years on Earth. The reason for this is that the Earth’s grids have become compromised and energetic blockages have prevented almost all humans who incarnate here on Earth to activate their DNA.

The reasons for the human DNA malfunction are too long for this blog, yet the point is that now we require assistance to activate our DNA and restore the Original Divine Blueprint for health and ascension.

The Higher Self and The Golden Liquid Light Body

By the age of 33 humans were supposed to fully embody their Over Soul Identity and by age 44 their Christ Consciousness. Our bodies were supposed to turn from a carbon based matter to silica based matter and ultimately into golden liquid light.

When we experience DNA Activation we would accrete more light into our bodies and morphogenetic fields until the lower dimensional bands of ourselves dissolved and merged with the higher frequency bands corresponding to our Higher Self.

The process of ascension is simply going “up” the dimensional scale by raising our frequency and changing the particle pulsation rhythm of our auric fields. This is what Spiritual Evolution is all about, drawing more light into our bodies and ascending in frequency. Just like us, the Earth also has a Higher Self stationed in higher dimensions as you can see in the picture.

However this natural process has been compromised and most of humanity is phased locked in the first 3 dimensions and are only experiencing reality from their Ego self. No human would kill another or go to war if they had their heart chakras fully activated, open and experiencing unconditional self-love.

Your Higher Self would never harm another being because it knows that other being and you are ONE. Your level of DNA Activation affects everything from your health, to how you perceive and interpret reality, to how fast can you manifest and more importantly what type of people, places, times, things and events you attract.

DNA, Chakras, Dimensions & Your Multidimensional Anatomy

Here is a video from the In-Light-Ment 2.0 Members area that goes into the minute details of your Higher Self, your DNA and your multidimensional anatomy.

It contains a graph that will help you better comprehend all of this information.



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