Have you ever wondered why affirmations rarely work? Even when they do work it’s only for a short period of time. Some will defend this by telling you “You shower everyday, right? It’s the same with affirmations!”

Well, I don’t know about you but when I take a shower it feels effortless and I don’t have an inner conflict telling me “Nah, you aren’t showering. Look at you! You are still very dirty and you stink!”

Unfortunately this is how most people feel when they practice affirmations. They might constantly repeat to themselves “I am abundance, I live in abundance and infinite abundance flows through me!”

However, the little voice in their mind is counteracting these affirmations by saying “What?! You are not living in abundance, you are still in debt, living paycheck to paycheck and you have $34 dollars in your bank account!” The person deep inside feels awful and is desperately trying to change how they feel using these affirmations.


Whenever you feel bad and you try to change your state because you DON’T want to feel that way, you are suppressing those unresolved emotions. Every time you do this you are actually creating more layers of resistance around this issue.

And whatever you resist, persists.

Unbeknownst to many is the fact that the negative emotions they are trying to suppress are in fact an ENTRY POINT that could lead them to a greater state of expansion and harmonic flow.

Emotions are energy in motion and our bodies were designed to sense these emotions without resistance. When we do this, the e-motions flow through us, they unwind and eventually they transform into something else.

But, whenever we resist an emotion we are stopping that flow of energy and creating a block that keeps that emotion stagnated in its current state of anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, etc.


Next time you experience a negative emotion don’t try to change it or resist it using affirmations. Instead allow your body to sense the emotion and feel wonder for that sensation.

Feeling is the key to being present, therefor every time you consciously feel an emotion, whether it’s negative or positive, you are being present.

The key is to allow your body to do the work. The mind, only for a millisecond, sets the intent and then the body does the rest of the work. When done properly you will feel the sensations move through the body, creating openings of energy.

After you’ve felt the emotion with wonder try once again thinking about the issue (remember it only takes a millisecond, you don’t have to get caught up in the drama/story), feel the sensations that issue produces within you and feel gratitude for this.

Next, think of the issue once again and now feel love for yourself for creating this reality. Feel the sensations this brings up within you for about a minute and let them move freely through you. The more you focus on feeling the more the mind will get quite.

Finally instead of using affirmations use a wonder statement. Wonder statements are different from affirmations or visualization because they are open ended, they invite us into the unknown and create a void of infinite potential which can now be filled by the universe.

“I wonder what it might be about living in abundance.” OR “I wonder what it might be about having multiple streams of income flowing into my bank account.”

The wonder statement will also produce a sensation within you. Feel that with your body and add a sense of wonder. Let the energy flow through you and open you, but remember not to force the flow or openings. Let your body’s intelligence do the work, there is nothing you have to do but FEEL.


By using the method described above you are actively processing your unresolved emotions (which are often the blockages to manifesting what you want) and when you use the wonder statement you are creating an opening within you for a new reality.

After you have processed all the negative emotions surrounding your issue then you can use affirmations with greater success. This way you are installing new programs into your consciousness without trying to suppress your emotions or deny your current reality.


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