When it comes to the Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction is just ONE of the many Universal Laws that can influence your reality at any given moment.

The Law of Attraction works, it actually works all the time, but it doesn’t work like most people have been led to believe it does. More than a decade ago when The Secret went mainstream, people from all around the world were told that if they focused on positive thoughts and practiced daily positive affirmations then they could positively improve their won health, wealth and personal relationships.

It didn’t take long enough for a plethora of individuals to notice that the Law of Attraction “wasn’t working” for them or that they were getting mixed results, unlike the what all the LOA experts said in the movie and countless of other books.

Many got frustrated and gave up on the Law of Attraction, often saying “I’ve tried it and it didn’t work!”


There is a Universal Law that very few people know about and that is the Law of Deservedness. This Universal Law states that you only get what you SUBCONSCIOUSLY feel you deserve and nothing more.

If you do manifest more than what you subconsciously feel you deserve, you will either sabotage it, push it away or simply won’t enjoy it (main reason why people who suddenly become millionaires end up bankrupt in less than 5 years).

It’s very easy to know what you subconsciously feel you deserve by taking a good look at what you are manifesting in your life right now. Whatever you have or whatever you are experiencing is exactly what you subconsciously (sometimes unconsciously) feel you deserve.

Think about what would you like to manifest but you haven’t been able to experience so far, despite putting a lot of effort and energy towards that goal. Maybe…

1) A conscious and passionate relationship
2) Financial freedom
3) Your dream job
4) Deep and life changing spiritual experiences
5) Advanced healing abilities
6) Optimal health


You might consciously feel like you deserve all these things and you might do visualizations and affirmations (check out the blog post why affirmations usually don’t work) to attract these things, yet if you haven’t been able to magnetize these experience into your life is because you subconsciously feel you don’t deserve it.

The reason for this is might be that you feel ashamed or guilty for something you did in the past (it could even be something you did in a past lifetime and it’s still recorded on your soul memory).

In many instances it’s the thought “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy enough” that is the culprit for your subconscious feelings of underservedness.

The key to getting what you truly deserve is by transmuting the deep subconscious beliefs and past painful experiences related to the SOURCE of your feelings of unworthiness and undeservedness.


If the Law of Deservedness is not aligned and working in sync with the Law of Attraction then no matter how much you practice manifestations, visualizations, affirmations or write down your goals, you simply won’t be able to attract your higher desires and KEEP them in your reality.

Instead the Law of Attraction will continue to work perfectly based on the stronger magnetic force that is being emitted by your subconscious beliefs, soul fragments and unresolved emotions. You will continue to attract what you RESONATE with instead of what you are consciously envisioning.


In addition to your subconscious mind you also have the levels of mind that correspond to your Higher Self. Just to give you an idea, in dimensions 4,5 and 6 you have your Soul Identity. This part of yourself is composed of three levels of mind:

  1. Astral mind
  2. Archetypal mind
  3. Angelic mind

Collectively these levels of mind make up what is known as your Superconscious mind. And the problem with this is that most people when they are trying to manifest they are mainly using the Ego, which is made up from the first 3 levels of mind:

  1. Subconscious (cellular memory)
  2. Emotional mind
  3. Reasoning mind

If the Ego is not aligned with the Higher Self then once again you will not be able to manifest all the wonderful things you have been told you can manifest.

Your Higher Self will always manifest in Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Order, mainly because it’s in harmony with all the Universal Laws. On the other hand the Ego tends to want to control how and when things manifest, its expectations more often than not lead to self-sabotage and disappointment.


There are many Universal Laws that govern the universe and everything that is in it. However, when it comes to the human experience and mastering the art of manifestation there are 13 Universal Laws that play the biggest role. These are:

1) Law of Divine Oneness
2) Law of Correspondence
3) Law of Vibration
4) Law of Perpetual Transmutation
5) Law of Action
6) Law of Cause and Effect
7) Law of Compensation (Giving and Receiving)
8) Law of Attraction
9) Law of Relativity
10) Law of Polarity
11) Law of Rhythm
12) Law of Gender
13) Law of Deservedness

A year ago I hosted a webinar on the 13 Universal Laws (now included in the In-Light-Ment 2.0 members area) where I worked energetically with all participants on mastering and embodying the 13 Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deservedness.

Embodying these Universal Laws is the key. Sure, you can study these laws all you want but if you don’t practice them and embody their frequency then you will only become a philosopher of these laws.

The Universal Laws govern the invisible universe, they are the GUIDELINES to play the game of consciousness.

If you want to play, enjoy and win the game then you will have a massive advantage if you KNOW and MASTER the rules. This will give you a huge leverage to influence and proactively change your inner and outer reality in ways you can’t even imagine.


Start by raising your level of deservedness. Clear yourself, anyway you can, from unresolved emotions, attitudes, soul fragments and patterns that resonate with guilt, shame and unworthiness. Even relationships that promote these feelings should be re-examined and acted upon accordingly (like setting healthy boundaries or ending the relationship).

Just working on these 3 core issues (guilt, shame and unworthiness) you will massively improve how the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deservedness positively influence your life.



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