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The world is full of people who look at the mirror of life and they don’t like the reflection they see. So what do they do?

They pound the mirror, they try to change the mirror, they get frustrated at the mirror, and they complain and curse at the mirror.

This is the equivalent of trying to change the external world, instead of working on themselves.


The Law of Correspondence says “as within so without, as above so below.” What this means is that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

Your outer world is 360-degree mirror, everywhere you look you are seeing yourself reflected back. Wherever you go, there you are. Your outer world merely expresses your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes, etc.

Therefor, if you can change your inner world that means you can dramatically change what is going on what is on the outside.

The Law of Correspondence says that your relationships, your health, your income, every single part of your life solely reflects on a 1 to 1 basis back to you the way you think and feel. Everything you have in your life you have attracted to yourself because of the person you are.


This means you can change all aspects of your life because you can change all the components that make up your inner world. You can’t change your external world if you don’t change your inner world.

There is no other way!

You have little or no control when it comes to the external world but you have TOTAL control when it comes to your inner realm. As a result you have total control over your future destiny.

You can become anything that you truly desire to become by simply altering your inner world so that is in full alignment and harmony with what you envision. However, you cannot constantly energize and identify with feelings of anger, frustration, lack and disappointment and expect to have a joyful, successful, abundant and fulfilled life on the outside.

When you are fully integrated internally your outer world will experience profound changes. If you have been around for a while in the spiritual and self-growth community then this is not news to you.

The Universal Law of Correspondence and other Universal Laws, like the Law of Attraction have been studied and discussed for thousands of years.


The problem is that the majority of people KNOW about some of these Universal Laws but they haven’t mastered and embodied them. But what if I told you that you could activate your DNA with the highest frequencies of these Universal Laws:

Law of Divine Oneness
Law of Correspondence
Law of Vibration
Law of Perpetual Transmutation
Law of Action
Law of Cause and Effect
Law of Compensation (Giving and Receiving)
Law of Attraction
Law of Relativity
Law of Polarity
Law of Rhythm
Law of Gender
Law of Deservedness

I have spent over a decade studying and applying these Universal Laws.

And with the assistance of my Higher Self and the Great White Brotherhood, I have created 13 Harmonic Resonance Mandalas that will bring into alignment a person’s multidimensional anatomy with the highest frequencies of The Universal Laws.

How will this benefit you?

These laws affect EVERYTHING and they are influencing your life, relationships, health, business and spiritual mastery whether you are aware of it or not.

These universal laws work synergistically and so you can’t master one law (like the Law of Attraction) without being in alignment with all the other universal laws.

This is exactly why the Law of Attraction rarely works for most people the way they want it to work (positively). When this occurs, it signals that one or more Universal Laws are not in alignment with the individuated consciousness of that person.

A while back I hosted The Universal Laws DNA Activation and Mastery webinar.

During this webinar participants learned how to master these laws and activate their DNA and bio-energetic system with 13 different Harmonic Resonance Codes or Mandalas.

The goal of this training is to align yourself with these Universal Laws, embody them and master them. This will give you a huge leverage to influence and proactively change your inner and outer reality in ways you can’t even imagine.

You can get lifetime access to this 3 hour training and the activations when you sign up for In-Light-Ment 2.0

During this training you will be receiving 13 different activations and applicable wisdom on how to master these laws in your everyday life.

So if you have tried and failed applying one or more of these Universal Laws and you wish to finally enter a dynamic and harmonious universal flow where your life majestically unfolds then this training is a must for you.


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